Friday Five

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one// This week flew by! I guess that's a side effect of 3 day weekends. But, looking back I didn't accomplish all that much this week...that kind of bums me out! I did succeed in running twice and making my 10,000 steps every day! That I will take pride in.

two// We started talking with one of our couple friends about planning a 'out of the country' trip in the next year! I really hope it's not all talk and that we actually go! I have a serious case of the travel bug and I'm dying for something new on the calendar. We have a cruise planned next month so that is at least holding me over. I can't be the only one who aches to travel.

three// Last weekend was a Disney weekend! We had so much fun and I really tried to be in the moment so pictures were my last priority. I did manage to take a few, which you can see below. 
I painted my Magic Band with glitter nail polish and I think it came out super adorable! We got to try something new at Epcot-The Sum of All Thrills. They say it's been there since 2009, but we've never seen it before! It's basically a custom roller coaster simulator that you design yourself. Super fun and definitely worth the wait time. 

four// Today is Boss' Day! Don't forget to get your boss a little something. My dad is my boss, and I have been working for the family business for 10 years! I plan on taking him to lunch today. He is the best!

five//  I shared this on Instagram, but I wanted to show it off here too! I got the sweetest letter in the mail from my little friends Bradley and Callie-they sent me a gorgeous picture of Delly! Pugs are not easy to draw, so I am quite impressed! I love how they drew her crazy eyes too. Isn't snail mail the best!?

Happy Friday!!

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