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Scenes from the Weekend

Monday, September 28, 2015

Friday night we headed to the coast to attend a wedding of one of my husband's closest long time friends, Cameron. The wedding was on Saturday in St. Augustine. Blake's aunt and uncle just bought a beach house in Ponte Vedra and they so graciously let us stay there! It's the cutest place, and I loved waking up at the beach! 
Friday night we met up with friends at A1A Ale Works, and sat outside on their balcony. It was a cool evening, for Florida anyway, so it was super great to sit outside. We had so much fun laughing over our dinners. We were even able to see some other friends, all in town for the wedding, eating nearby. I do love that weddings bring people together! 

Saturday morning I got to go on a run! I have been trying to make running more of a priority because of the 5k's I've signed up for this year. I ran around the neighborhood and ended up at the beach. The sunrise was gorgeous! The tide was so high, so I wasn't able to run on the actual beach like I'd hoped. My legs are killing me, which I think is a good sign! Sore means I did something good.
I was so curious to see how this wedding turned out. It was a bit unconventional! The reception was at the beach. Not the actual wedding, but the reception!

Because it was so unique I know a lot of people were skeptical. I wasn't even sure what to wear! The couple rented a tent and gazebo for the guests off the beach. But everyone was welcome to do as they pleased. Some brought surfboards and footballs. Some wore bathing suits, some wore linen pants. That was the whole point-everyone could do whatever they wanted! It was just a fun afternoon on the beach! This style really fit the couple. They wanted a fun afternoon with their friends.

While I love a great formal reception-in all honesty it's a huge expense with very little pay off. Blake and I barely remember all of the details of our wedding and reception-even after planning it for months. You are just as married at the end of the day! 
We chose to to bring our swimsuits and do a real deal beach day. We took a long walk down the beach, played football, flew kites and just hung out with our friends. 
On our walk we even came across a beached whale!! It was a dwarf sperm whale, and it had beached itself because it was really sick. Several people from Marineland and even the Georgia Aquarium had come out to try to help it. They were so great, and addressed the crowd so politely. I really learned a lot! Apparently there is a temporary hold on rehabilitating dolphins and some whales because of a very contagious virus that is going around. They told us that particular whale really had no hope of being rehabilitated, because they historically never do well in captivity. Ultimately they put the whale down, which was sad. It was so cool to see it so close! And it's virus was not contagious to humans. 

We had an awesome afternoon! No sunburns either! We ended our afternoon with a trip to Rita's, which is an amazing custard-italian ice place on A1A. I have such mixed feelings about the seasons changing! After such a great warm afternoon on the beach, I was so ready to stay there the whole week! Yet, I am also really anxious for the cooler Autumn weather!! So conflicted! 

Leave me a comment: What was the most unconventional wedding you've ever been to? 


  1. Sounds like an amazing time! I've never been to St. Augustine, but it looks fabulous!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  2. Ours was pretty unconventional.
    I love the idea of a reception at the beach!



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