Friday Five {9/25/15}

in , by Kristen Woolsey, 6:00 AM
one// Currently loving Pugs & Pearls new layout and theme! I am still considering having a professional, one day, redesign and give me a custom look. I just haven't found a reasonable priced person I feel comfortable with entrusting that job to, yet. So for now I found a great theme on Etsy and have worked to make it more my own. I also made a little puggy signature, which I think is so cute. 

two// Happy Fall Ya'll! Wednesday was the first day of Autumn, which in Florida means we still have 90 degree weather and are going to the beach this weekend! 

three// I have signed up for 2 5k's in the next few months, which I am woefully unprepared for!! Signing up makes me feel much more accountable and will really pressure me to get back to running. I've updated my playlist, and am hoping to get a run in today! 

four// I had the best time building a cushion fort with my Nephew this week! He is at such a fun age, but boy does he get bored easy. 
five// Delly made a new friend this week! This is Titus, the French Bulldog. He is 3 months old, and Delly simply did not care for his company. He was so playful and rough-she had no idea what to do with herself. It struck me that she has always been the youngest dog around our friend's dogs, so this was quite a shock to her I'm sure. Just look at that face!!

Happy Friday!

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