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5 Things I've Learned From My Mom

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Everyone loves their momma. I know I do. My mom has taught me so much throughout my life, and she continues to teach me how to be a good person today. She is just plain awesome. Here are five lessons that have stuck with me!

one// Don't Brush Your Hair In The Kitchen
I remember sitting on the barstool in the kitchen brushing my hair one day after being in the pool all afternoon. My mom didn't overreact or anything she just informed me that I was not allowed to brush my hair in the kitchen. I didn't understand this for years! What's it matter?? It matters because it's gross. Brushing your hair in the kitchen is a sure fire way to end up with hairs in your dinner. Not brushing my hair in the kitchen has stuck with me! I will stop right in the doorway until I'm finished. 

two// Don't Follow The Recipe
My mom is an amazing cook, and she never ever follows a recipe. She gets inspired by one and then follows her instincts in the kitchen. And it always turns out better! Learning from her not to follow a recipe has made me a much better cook. I'm not handicapped by a formula. I have this distinct memory of my aunt forgetting to bring her cookbook with us on a vacation and she had no idea what to do for dinner without them. If my mom hadn't been there we would have gone out to eat every night for the whole trip. 

three// Eat Dinner At The Table Together
This is one thing I adore about my childhood: we always ate dinner at the table together as a family. I know this is because of my mom. We had the best conversations and meals together over the years. One of us kids would set the table, one would clear the table and the other would do the dishes (usually me) and while we didn't love those chores I still crave that structure and routine. Blake and I try to eat at the table together at dinnertime but it doesn't always happen. But if we have kids someday I definitely want to make it more of a priority. 

four// How To Love Someone Who Is Difficult Sometimes
I am just like my dad! So I know first hand how frustrating we can be. We are stubborn and critical, and we both want things our way. My mom lovingly and gracefully loves my dad even when he is being difficult. She knows just how to handle him! Now that I am married myself I so appreciate how strategic and patient she is, and I try to follow her example in my relationship. 

five// Write Thank You Cards
I hated this as a kid. Anytime my siblings and I received any sort of present we immediately had to sit down at the table and write a Thank You card. First we would thank them specifically for the gift and then talk about how we were going to use it. Then we had to write something nice about the person and sign it. Now I absolutely love my mom taught us the value of being thankful. I remember arguing with her about how a personal "thank you" has to be better than a card. She didn't care, we had to write a card. As an adult there is nothing better than receiving a Thank You card. Don't you love getting a real letter anyway?! Not only is it confirmation that they actually received your gift, but it's so much more personal than a text or a verbal 'Thanks'. I took this so seriously after our wedding that I sent out all of our Thank You cards before we even left for our Honeymoon! 

Leave Me A Comment: Did your mom teach you anything similar? What has your momma taught you that has stuck with you forever? 

xoxo Kristen

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  1. My mom was the same with thank you cards. I've been writing them since I could write!



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