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Master Bathroom Refresh

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I've seriously been thinking about how to convince society that we need to re-register for gifts after you've been married for a few years. Our friends and family were so generous to us, and when we got married we had everything we could possible need to start our life together. After being married for 5 years though, some of our things have gotten worn out. Not to mention the things we never even used. 
Slowly I've been replacing and updating things here and there that I didn't like anymore or that just bit the dust. One of the rooms I've been neglecting was our master bathroom. It's done it's job well enough but our towels were getting dingy and our shower curtain was even drooping a little. There was even a spot on our shower curtain that turned yellow-it was right where we grabbed it everyday to pull it back. 
Target is amazing and I couldn't help but pick up a few things this week to refresh our space a bit! I replaced our decorative monogram towels with new ones that we can actually use. We've got a matching shower curtain and a new rug. I reorganized all the cabinets and even got my nail polish collection displayed! 
I love the design tip of putting all your soaps and liquids out of their branded bottles and putting them in unified containers. We are all so bombarded with advertising, and just this simple step really declutters what your brain has to looks at. 
After taking a few photos to share, I realized I wasn't really feelin' the wedding picture I have hanging up above the towel rack. So I got a little artsy and made a new print! Want it? I'll share! 
 Here is the print I whipped up to replace the photo. I think it's such a cute little message.
Click To Download
Leave me a comment: Do you ever just get so sick of looking at the same things around the house? How often do you refresh your decorations? How do you keep your stuff organized? Does it pile up on the counters?

xoxo Kristen

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