Friday, May 22, 2015

This Week: May 22nd

I'm Watching: The Bachelorette!! I so did not understand how they were going to do this show with two girls-let alone two girls that were so different from each other. I am so team Kaitlyn and love her personality. Brit is gorgeous, but I feel like I would be Kaitlyn's friend and thats who I always end up rooting for. 

I'm Reading:  Loved these outfits: Here and Here. and I'm interested in trying these recipes: Here and Here

I'm Listening To: Right now I'm listening to the audiobook of The Girl on the Train...I don't like to recommend books before I finish reading them, but it's good so far! I love listening to audiobooks on my commute and it helps the time go by so fast. 

I'm Wishing For: I randomly decided to rearrange our living room and now I'm online shopping for new pillows and decorations! Now I'm convinced we need a new ottoman-coffee table thing so I'm searching for the perfect one. 

I Need To: Oh so many things. I've got to clean the house and do all the typical things that get piled up and procrastinated. 

I'm Looking Forward To: A long weekend!! We've got some fun things planned: A housewarming party, a trip to the mall to take advantage of sales and a beach day on Monday (probably along with the rest of Florida, but still looking forward to it)

I'm Making: I'm going to be making this and this for the housewarming party. Can't wait to eat them..

Favorite Moment of the Week: It has to be spending time with my new nephew Zane! I have loved just holding him. It's so funny how different it feels holding him verses my niece and other nephew. Especially my niece-when she was a newborn I loved holding her but I was so nervous the whole time! I didn't want her to cry, and if she did I had no idea what to do! I feel so calm now with them and if they cry I don't feel like I need to give them back to their mom. Zane is just so sweet and tiny and I know he will grow up so fast, so I'm just loving every second. Being an auntie is so fun. 

What are you guys up to this week??

xoxo Kristen

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