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The Bachelor Workout: Free Printable!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Confession time: I love The Bachelor. Not so much of a surprise to most of you as I've talked about it before. It is such a guilty pleasure! The first time I remember watching the show was during Andrew Firestone's season. (Which wikipedia tells me that was in 2003!) The first season I was really 'in' to was Jake Pevelka in 2010. Reason tells me that this show is absolutely ridiculous. I know that these couples will never make it but I still love watching. I have also cheated by looking up spoilers a time or two. 
To make myself feel better about this guilty pleasure, I made up a workout to do while watching! That makes it better right?? 

Hover to Pin!

Print it out yourself and join me! I intend to do this every Monday night while the show is on! Also, the exercises will still apply when it is time for The Bachelorette!

Leave me a comment: Do you watch The Bachelor? Tell me who you are rooting for this season? What are your guilty pleasure shows?

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