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My Unpopular Opinion

Monday, January 26, 2015

Have you ever been at a party and the conversation turns to something that you just can't relate to at all? I'm talking about something that literally the entire group agrees with and you are the only one not nodding in agreement. 
For example: I'm often the only morning person in the group while everyone is talking about how they just wish they could sleep until noon. or: I've seen every episode of Doctor Who and I do not understand why people like it so much. or: naps. I hate naps!!
Oh how my teenage self would just love not to stand out in situations like this! I would have just smiled and nodded. Now, I love my unpopular opinions! I don't mind being different if it means being myself.
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My main unpopular opinion? I love Mondays!
While most people dread Monday, I look forward to them! To me Mondays mean routine. A fresh start to have a great week! That is the reason diets always start on Monday anyway right? Don't get me wrong, I love Fridays as much as the next girl. Weekends are filled with social events and little getaways, but you have to be balanced. Monday means balance to me. I got to be social all weekend, and now I want my routine! I look forward to the fresh page in planner, and getting ready to accomplish my to-do list. 

Ok it's your turn!
Leave me a comment: What are your unpopular opinions?! Any other morning people out there? 

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