Two of my new year goals are to stop eating fast food and to save more money. To do both at once, we've decided to limit our eating out at restaurants. Eating out is probably our biggest money waster. We love eating, and love going out with friends so I know this will be a challenge. I want to be realistic about it. 
I'm sharing our system with you! Each month we are allotted 6 restaurant visits (total-not per person). That rounds out to 1 night out a week, and 2 extras for a lunch or special occasion. 
Each month I am going to print up "Meal Tickets" and stick them on the fridge. Once they are gone, they are gone! I'm so excited to try this! Hopefully this system will work well and we will keep it going all year long. 

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Want to try it too? I'll share! Print off your own here. Either cut them into individual tickets, or just put a big X through each block as you use up your ticket. You'll have to tell me if you try it. & Let me know what your tips are for eating in more often. 

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