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DIY Hair-Bow Holder and Lilly Pulitzer Print Tutorial

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The year of the baby! So many of my friends are having kids. It still baffles me that my friends are old enough to have kids on purpose! Our friends Matt and Nakia are expecting their first baby in just a few months. Deciding what to buy is so hard! I want to get something practical, yet buying diapers is no fun! Recently I've been feeling the itch to paint! I painted a lot in High School, but it is a hobby I rarely get to do anymore. I decided to channel my creativity for a baby shower gift! Matt and Nakia are having a baby girl, and every little girl needs plenty of hair bows! I followed a few tutorials on Pinterest, and ended up making a hair-bow holder.

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I followed this tutorial for the Lilly Pulitzer print, but I will recap it. The baby's name starts with a K, so I picked up a wooden initial at Michael's for a few bucks and painted it white. Here is what you will need to recreate the 'First Impressions' print by Lilly:
-A white surface like a canvas.
-Three shades of acrylic pink paint. A light, medium and dark in the magenta family. 
-Two shades of acrylic green paint. A light and dark color in the lime family. 
-Acrylic Turquoise paint.
-Paintbrushes in a small size.
-Cup of water for dirty brushes
-Newspaper, or something to protect your table.

Start with a white surface:

Using your medium pink, paint basic flower shapes-looping out from the center.
Let dry before continuing-a hairdryer will help you here!

 Now go over the same shape with your darkest pink.
Let dry.

And then with your lightest pink. Let dry. 
It is okay for white still to be showing, you want it to look handmade! 

Next is leaves! Shape first with the lightest shade of green, and then paint one side with the darker green.

Last step is to fill in the blank space with turquoise! This is the tedious part, but the best thing about this print is it does not have to be perfect-and actually looks better the messier you do it. 

How cute is that?! I almost wanted to keep this & it would totally work since I share the initial! To finish the hair-bow holder, simply hot-glue two long 1-inch thick ribbons to the bottom and a skinnier ribbon to the top for hanging. You can get so creative with this! If I was confident in my calligraphy I could have added the baby's name to the painting too. I also bought a few cute baby bows from Target to give along with the hair-bow holder. 

Leave me a comment: What is your go-to baby shower gift? Have you given something handmade? What is your favorite Lilly print?

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