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Weekend Round Up

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The hardest thing I have ever had to do in my whole life was get out of bed Saturday morning. It was so cozy and warm. Outside was barely 40 degrees. I didn't know what to wear. But, I got up.
I ended up wearing compression pants, a pullover sweater and my fleece headband. It was perfect. My eyes watered incessantly and my lungs burned from the cold air. (Anyone else love that?)
I did a walking warm up and then a nice pace jog for just under 2 miles. 
I really found my pace after 1 mile. Fall Out Boy helped out there. I may look crazy but I do not mind singing along to my playlist as I run. It distracts me very well!
I love working out in the morning!! It sets your day up so nicely. The hardest part is that first step.

Saturday afternoon, Blake and I went to see Interstellar. We got to go with my mom and dad, so that was a treat. Quick side note, why on earth is movie popcorn that expensive? Glad I went on a run because I ate basically that whole bag. Half of it fell into my scarf...

I loved Interstellar. I wasn't sure what to expect because I barely saw 1 preview for the movie.
I also don't really care for space movies. Weird right? I love Star Wars and Star Trek-but when humans from our time start exploring space, it feels so cold and unnatural. Why would you want to leave Earth? Blake will debate me on that. He thinks we were totally meant to explore that galaxy. 
Anyway, Interstellar:
Visually stunning, it reminded me of Gravity in that way. Matthew Mcconaughey isn't my favorite actor, but he did a great job with the lead. 
There was a lot of science jargon in the movie, but I didn't feel like all of it went over my head. I got it. When you start talking about 5th dimensions and black holes, it can get a little confusing. But, it all made sense with the plot. Even if science isn't your thing, there are so many relationships to invest in. Not even romantic ones-more family relationships. It'll make you want to hug your dad.

Ok, and the AMC theater we went to had a full bar?! When did that happen!

I have noticed this certain feeling I have been getting watching movies lately-I think I am getting too emotionally involved. I start to feel anxious when the music gets intense 
(and it was so intense during this movie!).  Not like 'oh whats going to happen next?', more like genuine dread. Like my flight or fight response kicked in or something. 
Blake says I'm doing exactly what the film maker wanted by emotionally investing in the characters. I'm not so sure! I think I might have a touch of anxiety imbalance or something. 

Sunday was a special Branch meeting at the Kingdom Hall. Here are a few pictures I managed to take:

Top Left: Blake and I 
Top Right: Abbie and my niece Gia
Bottom: My sister in law Cori, Gia and Me

Leave me a comment: What workout did you do this weekend? Did you see Interstellar?

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