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Weekend Round Up

Sunday, November 30, 2014

We spent our long weekend on St. George Island, right off the north Florida coast on the Gulf. 
St. George is so special to our family. My dad spent his summers here with his family growing up, and we have been coming to SGI with my family since I was born.  The very first time I ever drove a car was on the island! We love it here! So many good memories. I'm happy to continue the tradition. 
We rented a little house that was able to sleep the whole family. (Although my poor 6'5 brother got the couch...)
It was so great to be able to bring Delly too! I hate leaving her at home when we go on trips. We have found a great house-sitter, but it is still better to bring her with us. In fact there were a lot of other families with their pets on the Island. Next door were 2 Great Danes! They were huge!

It is nice just to be together and it is so funny how we all just fall back into our family roles. 

On Friday we spent most of the day in Apalachicola! It was pretty windy, but we dodged in and out of shops to stay warm. There are some really neat local stores to look through. My favorite was The Tin Shed-there were so many antique boat parts and weird odds and ends to look at. 
We at at Boss Oyster on the water for lunch, and it was delicious. It was funny to watch the people at the table next to us eat their first oysters, I so take it for granted-I've been eating them off the shell since I was little. (never raw though, ew!) 

On Saturday was the FSU/UF game! Always a stressful game, and always very tense in our family. Blake is a die hard Gator-he even went to the University of Florida. But, being raised in Tallahassee, I basically have to be a Seminole fan. This year the 'Noles won-but barely. 
The house we rented had the oldest TV I have ever seen, so we walked down to BJ's Pizza to watch. Super good pizza and we basically had the place to ourselves-which was good because we got pretty loud! The kitchen staff were Seminole fans, and would come out for high-fives when we scored. 

 I also love that my family stays so active on vacation. We eat totally bad, but we definitely burn it off! We all took long walks on the beach, and on the bike trail. And the guys played basketball at the park. That was really fun to watch-especially because my dad decided to play in boat shoes and Blake played in jeans. 

Oh! and Thursday we did the Turkey Trot in Tallahassee. Super fun! 6,000 racers! I so run better in the cold! Finished in 38 minutes, which was way better than the Hurricane Run

Leave me a comment: Have you ever been to St. George Island? Do you like oysters?

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