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RockBand Work Out Playlist

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Did anyone else have RockBand/Guitar Hero parties? We loved this game, and often had people over to play it with us. (a lot of people!) Personally, I liked playing the bass, and then loved playing the keyboard when that came out. Singing was fun too, but only when you could convince someone else to belt it out with you! 
I'm doing a 5k on Sunday, and have been working on a playlist to motivate me. (haven't be practicing..whoops) 
These are my favorite RockBand songs to work out to! The playlist is right around 40 minutes-what I hope to finish the race in. 

What are your favorite workout songs?
See my last playlist here.

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  1. FirstBourne is a five piece arena rock/power metal band from Boston, MA with guitarist Mike Kerr, vocalist Adrienne Cowan, bassist Ven Thangaraj & guitarist Jimmy Olivera



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