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After School Boy Blazer & Take It Outside

Thursday, September 18, 2014

After School Boy Blazer & Take It Outside

I love Essie Nail Polish! I can completely justify spending $8 on a bottle.
 I just added 'After School Boy Blazer' and 'Take It Outside' to my collection. 
I love these colors for fall. Okay, so here in Florida it is a breezy 90 degrees outside, but I really can't wait for cooler weather! You just have so many more outfit options in the fall. (scarves!) 
Take It Outside is the perfect neutral. It is like the 'greige' paint color we are seeing all over Pinterest. 
After School Boy Blazer is definitely a dark color. It is a deep navy blue. I adore navy blue-anytime I shop, I am just drawn toward anything navy. It has its own gravitational pull! 
ASBB is actually a really difficult color to paint. You do not have much room for a mistake. (I may or may not have a small navy blue stain on my living room carpet....) 
Essie polish seem to go on smoother to me and than most polishes. 
I used to get my nails done regularly, but since money is a little tighter these days I am actually getting better at painting my nails myself. 

What are your favorite nail polish colors? 
And how fun would it be to be a nail polish namer? 

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