The Pugs

Delly is our 7 year old black pug! I brought her home when she turned 8 weeks old in 2011. As soon as she stepped her little paws on our front porch she started running our house and dominating my phone photo gallery. Since we've had her for her whole life we feel very intune to her and I think she gets us really well too. Delly is a typical pug and likes to be glued to your side! She started getting a few gray hairs this year, so that makes us a little sad.

We adopted Bailey in June 2016. We believe she is about 8 years old. She came to us a little undernourished and pregnant! She has quickly become a family member, and we love her sweet and laid back personality. We still feel like we are getting to know each other. Adopting a dog has been such a fulfilling experience and has taught us a lot about ourselves. Bailey fits right into our family, and we love the progress she's made.

Read Bailey's Puppies Story Here! & Her One Year Gotcha Day Update Here!

Of Bailey's 2 puppies, we kept one! Winston has brought us back into puppy land, and it's so much fun! He is such a momma's boy and harrasses her all the time. He is so rambunctious and he is a relentless licker! We know that will fade as he gets older, so for now we want to relish his puppyhood. No matter how much he chews on things...

 Stick around for plenty of puppy pictures and details about our 2nd pug puppy experience!


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