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Two Expressions I Can't Stop Thinking About

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Any Excuse Will Do

I recently heard the expression "any excuse will do", and I can't stop thinking about it. What does it mean? Essentially, it means whatever excuse you want to give will be accepted, but it's still an excuse. 

Now that I've heard this expression, I can't help but notice how many times it comes up. Whether at work, or in conversations with friends, or even with myself - I have been noticing how many times excuses pop up. There is always a reason not to do something! But this phrase has me thinking how it really doesn't matter what the reason is, you could say anything, but it's still an excuse. 

Maybe an example would help. I hosted this declutter challenge in February, and I have a few friends over on Instagram who are doing with me. Almost everyday I have gotten a message from someone in the challenge saying why they weren't able to do that day's challenge. Obviously, I am not forcing anyone to participate, and I did my best to make each day have a simple task that could be done rather quickly. It's totally cool with me if someone can't do it that day, or has to really tailor the challenge to meet their needs - that's the point of it anyway! Truly, it doesn't matter what reason they've provided, I'll accept it. I won't kick them out of the group or anything! However, it's still an excuse, and they didn't make any progress that day. There are several other people in the group, who were also unbelievably busy and still managed to get it done. 

Are some excuses legitimate? Completely. But, for the most part, I think we could find our way out of just anything we don't want to do. It's pretty easy to justify things to ourselves. 

I guess now that I've noticed this, I want to make sure I'm not just giving excuses. Even if I do have solid reasons not to do something, I want to make sure those reasons aren't because I'm feeling lazy, scared, or uncomfortable. Sometimes there are a lot of reasons I don't want to do something, but thinking about this phrase will definitely push me to do it anyway! 

We Live In A Society Where You Touch Your Phone More Than You Touch Your Spouse

Another expression I came across recently is the one above. I don't have a lot to say about it, other than I can't stop thinking about it. While sad, I wouldn't be shocked if this were true about most couples. Our phones and other technology are so essential to our daily lives, but gosh shouldn't we be prioritizing human contact? 

Physical touch might not be your personal love language, but who doesn't benefit from this kind of expression? It's my goal that even if we are just hanging out on the couch on our phones or watching a movie, we will still make the effort to be touching in some way. 

Anyway, just one of those things that makes you stop in your tracks and take note.


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