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Declutter Challenge Day 23 - Flex Day

Friday, February 23, 2024

Welcome to day twenty three of the Declutter Challenge! I shared the schedule here. Each day has a 10 minute task, and an option to kick it up a notch and declutter further.

Day 23 is a Flex Day! That means you can use today to catch up, or work on a project specific to your house. For me, that means decluttering my upstairs closet. This closet houses a lot of random items like memories and keepsakes, hiking gear, office supplies, our Go-Bags, and some gear we use for volunteer work. It also houses our travel supplies, which I will be working on during the next Flex Day.

For the most part, many of the things that have found their way into this closet just need to be put in their real homes. But, I was able to purge a few items I didn't need to hang on to anymore. 


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