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Thursday, December 21, 2023

My Eye Won't Stop Twitching

This happened to me a few years ago. My eye twitched for a solid month, if not longer. I read up on all kinds of reasons it could happen, but eventually it just went away. Well, here we are again. My left eye is twitching every few minutes. It's more annoying than anything! Last time I think magnesium really helped, but I'm already taking that, so now I don't know what to try. 
A quick selfie of me that I took for Etsy:

The Most Delicious Cookies!

I made these gluten free double chocolate chip peppermint cookies this past week and they were so great! I'm glad I made these for a group of people, because if we just had them at home I would have eaten them all on my own. While Blake and I aren't gluten free, my dad, brother and several other relatives deal with Celiac, so I'm constantly looking for awesome GF recipes. 

Like every other Defined Dish recipe I've ever made, we loved these. I really appreciate her approach to cleaner ingredients too. I had to buy a couple of baking supplies for these, but now my pantry is fully stocked to make them again soon. 

New Boots

It was time to retire my old riding boots. I still love them, but they were absolutely worn out. (I still don't have the heart to get rid of them all together...) Blake actually picked out my new ones! These are Tommy Hilfiger and much less casual than boots I've had in the past. They are very nice, and I'm happy to have upgraded! They are a bit tight in the calf - which I have never had a problem with before, so that's something to note if you are a wide calf person. 

Another Yummy Dinner

What a surprise, it's a Defined Dish recipe! This one is for a blackened Salmon taco bowl from The Comfortable Kitchen book. The flavors together are just great - don't skip the mango! 

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