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End of the Year Goals

Monday, November 6, 2023

This is our friend's porch - it's SO pretty!
Get Delly Healthy

We've been struggling with Delly the past few months. She's going on 13, and I'm having a hard time accepting that she's a senior dog! She got an eye injury in August that has just been the slowest thing in the world to heal. It doesn't help that we get it so close to better and she ends up scratching it again. We've been really vigilant and extra careful, and I am determined to get her all fixed up for real this time. One thing that's really been helping is a supplement specifically for senior vision. She likes the taste and I think they are helpful in supporting the healing process.

But more than that, Delly really struggles with her mobility. It's gone downhill this last year. We try to keep her active, but it's just sad to watch. Our vet recommended a new arthritis shot for dogs, and my goal is to get her in for a consultation and give it a try. I just want my old dog back ya know? I realize that's just the reality of it, but I really miss puppy Delly. 

Completely Pay for 2024 Vacations

At the start of 2023, I took on a few cleaning jobs. I used to do regular cleaning a few years ago, but got burnt out on it. I decided to take on some new jobs and actively ask for referrals. My regular day job slowed down this year, and we reworked my work days - so these cleaning jobs have been a nice supplement. In fact, I've been able to use all the money for extras so far this year. As of this week, I will have completely paid for our flights and cruise that we are taking to Alaska next year, all using this cleaning money. So, for the remainder of the year (and maybe into January) I'd like to save every penny for another trip we hope to take. Super cool to be able to fund these trips this way. 

Actually, just this month I've taken on 2 new clients so I hope this won't take long at all.

Get Back To Bookstagram

In 2021, I started a Bookstagram account. I read so much, and friends are always asking for recommendations so it seemed like a good way to share what I was reading. Then I hit a reading slump, and it felt like every book I had read for like 2 months straight was just meh. Those were absolutely not books I wanted to share. Which made me get out of the habit of posting! I've been debating about what I wanted to do with the account, and decided to use it to only share my 5 Star reads. That made it feel a lot less intimidating! Plus, I share almost everything I read here on my blog, so a lot of it will just be copy and paste and that makes it easier. My goal is to keep that up (and hopefully have a lot of 5 star books to share!) and be more active on that account. I'd like to see where I could take it. 

Blog More

I know I'm breaking the cardinal rule of goal setting by not being specific here, but I'm not sure how else to say it! I've been blogging since 2014 (this is my very first post LOL) and it's always ebbed and flowed. Some years I posted multiple times per week, and really for the last year I've basically gotten out a single post per week. I don't feel bad about that necessarily, I just know I could be doing a better job at brainstorming and taking pictures for posts. I'd like to give it more effort and share more! 

Workout Again

Exercise will always be important to me. I feel like it's just been on the backburner lately. Most of it is just lack of routine! I'm not training for any races at the moment, so I do know that's part of it. I have no desire to run right now, admittedly. I have been enjoying the Barre classes on the Peloton app, and I think I'd like to lean into that. My goal here is to make a schedule (a reasonable one) and see if I can make exercise part of my daily habits again. 

What are you trying to accomplish before the end of the year?


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