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Monday, October 9, 2023

I'm on book number 78 of the year! You can hear more about what I'm reading in my next Recent Reads post. But, I was really happy to have three 5 star reads in my last roundup

But, I am SUPER excited about my Book of the Month box this month! I didn't choose one of the October picks (they were all spooky and I'm not into that at all.) but they allow you to pick a reader favorite if none of the monthly picks are your jam. So I chose Dear Edward which I've hear a tons of great things about. And now, with my BOTM level I can get some cheaper add-ons. So, I added on 2 books - A Flicker In The Dark and Shark Heart. If you've read any of these tell me in the comments below! 

If you want to try BOTM, I have a referral link that gets you a hardback for $5. (Here's a whole post about Book of the Month and how it works.)

Another reading note: I am currently on a mission to help my 9 year old nephew fall in love with reading. He does not enjoy school, and reading especially. We had a long talk about how reading can be great, if only you choose a cool book that interests you. I did a little shopping trip at the book store and picked up a couple of chapter books for him (slightly above his level) and we started reading together. I spent a lot of time with him last week and we read several chapters. We don't live close to each other, so he is supposed to Facetime me so we can keep going.  He also has the assignment to pick out a book at their school library that I would like - so that should be fun! 

Smallville Rewatch 
Do you rewatch shows you love? Blake and I find that there just aren't any good shows on these days, and we find ourselves rewatching series over and over. We go between The Office, Parks and Rec, Arrested Development, and a few others. Right now we are rewatching Smallville - one of our favs! The music and everything is just such a time warp. On top of that Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum are doing a rewatch podcast and talking about each episode, so it's been fun to watch the two in tandem.


The Golden Bachelor
One new show we are watching is the Golden Bachelor. I used to watch all of the Bachelor shows and really enjoyed them. I haven't watched in years though, because the shows have just gotten raunchy, and I feel that most of the contestants are just going on for social media followers. (Read: I've gotten too old for this, haha.)  I got excited when I saw the preview for the Golden Bachelor because it seemed like it could be really sweet and wholesome. So far, we are just 2 episodes in and it's been really cute. 

I'll be honest, I think he's not going to choose anyone because he still misses his wife too much. But, we'll see! 

I was talking to some friends about this last weekend. They also just rewatch old shows they love, instead of diving into new ones. So, this might be pretty common. 

If you remember from this post our pug Delly injured her eye. It was a whole ordeal that we thought was all taken care of, until our trip to north Georgia at the beginning of September. Unfortunately, when we got back we realized she re-injured it while we were away. And thennnn, she hit the other eye too!! It was a nightmare. Fortunately, I think I found the spot she ran into on the back of our house and have since barricaded it. After another few weeks of medication - she's doing pretty good. I can't relax about it though. Even though our vet gave us the thumbs up, today, I found myself looking at her eye constantly just because I'm wondering if it's truly getting better. It sort of looks like the mark got bigger to me, so I'm trying not to over react and just monitor it for now. 

Probably like everyone else on the planet, I'm trying to lose a couple of pounds. I've had a fairly healthy eating month, and have tried a few new recipes. I found this recipe for cornflake crusted honey mustard chicken tenders and we loved it! It's so easy and I know we will keep it in the rotation.
This is a WW recipe for big mac smash taco thing - very good! Much more like a burger situation than a taco, but I really liked it. 

I'm still absolutely loving using Plan To Eat for meal planning and recipe storage. I talk a lot about how it works in this post

You've probably heard 'Until I Found You' by Stephen Sanchez, but I'm really loving 'Be More' and his overall sound. 

Honestly, I haven't purchased too many fun things lately! With a big trip on the horizon, I'm feeling very motivated to save any extra money I can. Additionally, I know that we will be pulling out our fall/winter clothing soon enough and that always feels like shopping. I did buy a cute cute skirt from J Crew this month, and I love it so much, but it's just ever so tight. So setting that aside for the time being.

Other than that, we bought a orthopedic dog bed with Delly in mind. It's really nice, and actually all three pugs love it. 

This picture was something I took because I wanted to do a Recent Outfit style post and document some every day style. Unfortunately, I realized I'm the LAZIEST person in the world and have basically worn work out clothes every single day otherwise. Work out clothes just suit my lifestyle at the moment, haha. I'm either running around doing chores, trying to dress so I go workout later, working from home, or I need to be in athletic clothes for the houses I clean. (Have I mentioned I'm doing that? I'm trying to save up for some big trips next year so I've been doing some housecleaning to cash flow all that.) If I'm working in the field - I'm wearing my work uniform shirt and jeans. 

However! On this day, I was finally feeling better after having a cold flu thing for a week. It was a miserable week on the couch (so many germs going around lately!), so I wanted to get up and get dressed to feel more like myself. 


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