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Pantry Organization Inspiration

Monday, July 24, 2023

I don't know anyone blessed with more pantry space than my mom! They have a huge pantry, and it even keeps going with a 'small' alcove under the stairs. Considering we grew up with a little cabinet for food and snacks - this is a major upgrade for them! On top of all that space, my mom is a big fan of Costco/Sam's Club bulk shopping. So, this little room has gotten out of control in the last 2 years they've lived in this house. 

Now, if you know me at all - you know I absolutely love a good before and after organization project. But, I try not to push my own life style and opinions on the ones I love. You get more flies with honey they say. So while this space was calling my name for a good long while, I waited until my mom asked for some help. Then I took over! 

The main problem we were facing was too much space. There are so many shelves, it was just easy to throw anything anywhere. We needed some corralling. Then we were able to group like things together and make it make sense. 

Additionally, my nephews (her grandkids) used the alcove space for their toys. It's actually a perfect spot to hide them, but it sort of made this spot a catch all. I brought over a cube unit (that I no longer needed because of this post) to help sort all of that. Plus, we purged a lot of their 'baby' toys, since they are big kids now. 

Without further ado, here's the before and after! Scroll down to see the products we used and loved.



I'm a huge fan of the Home Edit line at Walmart! I did my own pantry and laundry space with these clear acrylic bins and I find them so versatile. (This mega set is such a good price!) Now, you know, I wanted to label the heck out of these bins. After all, I have an Etsy store dedicated to labeling...but I know my mom and I know this space needed to stay flexible. The cool thing about the acrylic bins is that you can use a chalk marker to label them and then change it up when you are ready. 

But, if you are a labeler - like me! - I've got you covered over on Etsy! Because you are a blog reader, I'd love to offer you a 15% discount on your purchase! In my Etsy shop I have a variety of vinyl decals, home d├ęcor and custom gifts! I'd love to create something with you. 

Products We Used:


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