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Is Book Of The Month Worth It?

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

What is Book of the Month?

Book of the Month is a subscription service that sends you a hardback new release every month. There are always several books to choose from in various genres. I'd say there are usually 5 books to choose from, and sometimes more. 

How much is it? 

It depends on the plan you choose, but if you want 1 credit it's $16.99 a month. The average cost of a hardback book at a book store is about $25-30 depending on the book. 
You can also add books to your order al la carte. 

I have a referral link for you to get your first month's book for $5! 

How do you choose your book?

Every month I check the App (there is an email that comes out to prompt me to do this!) for the new releases. Each book has a little blurb and general content warnings. As a avid reader, sometimes I know a book is coming out that month and am already anticipating it's release. Other times I read all the blurbs and see what looks good! My choice for last month might just be my favorite book of the year! 


It's another subscription service to keep up with. It is easy to skip the month, but if that's something you lose track of easily this might not be for you.

I'm also not a book collector. I love to read and if I kept every book I'd be drowning. We've moved twice in the last 2 years and I just don't want to keep books anymore. So, if you have limited bookshelf space, adding a hard back each month might add to your clutter quickly. I either pass the books on to a friend, put them in a Little Library, or sell them on Pango books


I love the beautiful covers! They are all the same height and get a pretty BOTM seal. It's great if you are a collector and want to have some pretty shelves!

It's a great way to discover new books!

I'm a huge fan of my Kindle, but sometimes you do just want an old fashioned book in your hands! 

You get your books quickly! Every time I've chosen a book, it's taken just a few days to get to me - which is very exciting!

I love the cute bookmarks your BOTM comes with. 

The price is really good for a hardcover! 

This is also a great way to keep up with new releases. 

Is it worth it to me?

Yes and no. I think it's a fun subscription if you can budget for it! I personally I have decided to pause my subscription until I check the books for the month and reactivate if I see a title I want!
What is worth it is trying it out for $5! You can't beat a brand new hardcover for $5. And, if you don't like the service, you can always skip or cancel. 


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