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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Shadow Box Frame

Blake and I exchanged anniversary presents a little early this year. We gifted each other Monos carry on bags when they were on sale for Black Friday. However, when it came time for our actual anniversary date, I didn't want to be empty handed. So I made Blake a super cheesy gift. It's little Star Wars Lego guys in a shadow box frame. It was easy to put together and Blake loved it. 

Wrist Cushions for my Keyboard

Running my small business and this blog means lots of time spent at my desk. In fact just a few months ago we totally redid our home office, and I'm just loving it so much. I was finding those long hours at my laptop a little uncomfy, so I bought a new mouse pad and wrist rest cushion set from Amazon. The patterns were less than attractive if I'm being honest, but the comfort level these achieve is incredible. 

If you are interested, this is the laptop stand I use, and this is my wireless keyboard

Is this a boring item to share? Maybe. But, if you are like me - no show socks drive you crazy! Mine were constantly slipping down. The shoes I wear for work, and my white summer slip ons require socks like this. Anyway, found these and they stay put! 

Phone Grip

Recently, my phone case broke. I spent a lot of money on it, so I was very happy when the company honored their warranty and sent me a new one. I hadn't realized how gross the first one had gotten. Since I got the new case, I wanted to grab a fresh phone grip. These are pretty to look at and very functional! They do get in the way of wireless charging, if that's important to you. 


Dog Food Allergy Test

This might need to be it's own post. Winston, our youngest pug has always had skin issues. Our vet recommended an allergy test (and thought it was food related). I am not opposed to spending money on our pets, but gosh, if I can save some money I surely will. After reading a lot of reviews, I thought it'd be worth a shot with trying one from Amazon. You just send in a few hairs and they get the results to you within something like 5 days. Sure enough, we got our results really fast. Unfortunately, Winston is allergic to basically everything. 😂 Including salmon (which is what their treats are made of) and coconut oil (which I had rubbed on his irritated skin daily.). So I feel like a terrible pet parent, and wish I would have done this test years ago.

Because he has so many allergies, I think I'm just going to have to make homemade dog food for the time being. So maybe I'll do a separate post with his journey to wellness. Poor little guy is already doing a lot better. You can see in the photo how rough his skin has gotten, and how he has been losing hair. 

Fresh Hi Vis

For me: Carhart Overalls and Steel Toe Sneakers | For Blake: A Carhart Hi Vis Tee

The thing about Hi Vis is that it becomes pretty low vis after a lot of washing - which construction clothing requires! If you're new here, Blake and I do quite a bit of volunteer construction work and we needed some fresh clothes. I had been eyeing these Carhart overalls - but wasn't sure if I could pull them off! And, I've basically always hated my steel toe boots, so these were so much better for me! They look like sneakers but are safe on a site. 
Sizing notes:
The men's shirt runs huge, so size down. Blake went with a small, but could have fit into the extra small - and he buys medium normally. 
Fortunately, the women's overalls come in tall sizes! If you know, you know. I'm not that tall at 5'6'' ish. But my legs are like a 32 inseam, and it's really difficult to find long enough pants. 
Shoes are true to size! 

Torani Coffee Syrups

We have these on subscribe and save! I like the sugar free vanilla, and Blake likes the caramel. I took their labels off and dressed up the bottles. These labels are available in my Etsy store

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