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Joint Home Office Update

Monday, December 12, 2022

When we first moved into our home, Blake and I split up our home work spaces. I had a desk in our guest room, and then he had the second upstairs bedroom for his desk and all our workout equipment. I'll make this long story short, but we had some friends staying with us for a semi-lengthy amount of time a few weeks ago. Because I wanted them to have the guest room to themselves, I pulled all my stuff out and set up a temporary space in Blake's office. 

I had been quietly discontent with my office space for awhile. With Etsy, and all that comes with running a small shop, my desk was just not cutting it anymore. I was constantly running out of room and would just use the guest bed as a secondary workspace. Once we were working in one room again, we both admitted we liked it better that way. But, that bedroom is much smaller than our guest room so it was cramped. Anyway...I said I'd make a long story short, but I can't! Haha. Basically we decided to keep a joint office but switch the bedrooms to be most efficient. 

Just to remind you what we were working with, you can see what this room looked like in this post

It took some planning, but we came up with a great concept using this image as the inspo. I wanted one really long desk. Blake already had one that we loved from Ikea. The problem was, Ikea doesn't sell the butcher block topper anymore. But, if I could find something similar, all we would need is one more set of the Alex drawers. Low and behold, I found an almost identical piece of butcher block already cut to the perfect size on! It wasn't exactly cheap, but the quality is insane and it's incredibly smooth. The two table tops are slightly different shades at the moment because I oiled up our original one so it's quite dark. That will fade and I think they will be a really close match. 

So one quick trip over to Ikea, and I got our missing base piece. Plus, a few fun d├ęcor items like these wall shelves! I always felt that this wall was strange because it's got the roof line to deal with and the world's tiniest window. I really feel that the shelves help it make sense! We had the room painted as well, and I could not love the navy wall more! We went with Sherwin Williams Naval

As soon as we got the desk set up, I knew it was the best decision ever. And then, when I fulfilled my first Etsy order sitting at it, I was thrilled! It's just so much more functional and I love having twice the desk space to work on. And twice the drawer space too! I really need to sit down and organize those but, that's a project for another day.

The other side of the room is still in progress. The alcove I had my desk in is perfect for our exercise bike and all our free weights. But we still need to install a TV, and maybe figure out a way to organize our equipment better. Stay tuned for that! Plus, up next will be our new guest room reveal! I'm very excited to have this space set up for friends and family to stay in and I think it will be so much more functional. 

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