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Life Lately #12

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Fun Times with Friends

We went out for drinks with our good friends to celebrate our anniversary! The destination was a rooftop bar that we had been wanting to visit. We had a great spot by a window and each got to try a fun drink. It's just so fun to have a good reason to get dressed up. 

Destination Runs

I'm training for another half marathon, and have been trying to mix things up by running in places besides my neighborhood. I've really enjoyed running downtown and then as well in this gorgeous neighborhood with the best walking trial around a lake. 

Aunt and Uncle Time

We recently had 2 of my nephews for the weekend and we had a great time taking them to do some fun things. We drove go-carts - which honestly I can't even remember the last time I've done that! Literally like 18 years ago, haha. 

The race track was fun, and then we did batting cages. None of us were very good but it was an enjoyable activity nonetheless. 

Ninja Creami

My sister gifted us a Ninja Creami! It has been on my wish list for ages. (We got it just after my post about small kitchen appliances went live.) It has been SO fun to use. There are so many recipes, and I know we will be experimenting with it for a long time. So far, our very favorite recipe is for a pineapple sorbet. It tastes just like a Disney World Dole Whip. Absolutely delicious. And the only ingredient to to it is a can of pineapple. Pictured below is a vegan vanilla ice cream with reeces cups. 😋


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