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Just 5 Things

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

One | FSU Basketball Game

Some friends of ours invited us to join them in their box seats for an FSU basketball game. Gosh, this was SO fun! The 'Noles lost, but I honestly didn't even notice because we were having such a good time with everyone. 

The suites are pretty cool. They have several traditional stadium seats to enjoy, but inside there are couches, bar stools, and plenty of room for snacks and drinks. Plus a private bathroom! I really wished the game was longer so we could have hung out more! 

Two | The Pink Stuff

Have you seen this viral cleaning product online? I've seen it so often I felt like I needed to try it. It's really great and I have a few more places I'd like to try it out on! Basically, it's a paste that is great for scrubbing. I bought it to try to get a stain off our Always Pan, but that didn't work. However, it did a great job on our stainless kitchen sink. 

Three | Time with Friends

I've just been so happy to spend a little extra time with friends lately! I started running once a week with my friend Alice, and we had a great time hanging out during the Super Bowl! 

Four | Fire Country

I started watching this when I had COVID and had nothing to do but watch TV. After This Is Us was over, I hadn't really watched anything on 'live' TV in ages. Anyway, just a note to say I'm still really enjoying it. It's probably unrealistic and dramatic, but hey what show isn't? 

Five | Haircut Ideas?

Historically, I grow my hair out really long, begin to hate it, and then cut it all off. This cycle has been steady for the last few years. I'm in the long hair stage right now, and I've actually lasted in it a lot longer than I thought I would! Really, only until the past few weeks am I growing restless. I like it long, it just seems a little lifeless, so I'm trying to decide what to do. It may just be the cheap shampoo I've been using. So, to cut it or not to cut it....that is the question. 


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