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London Photo Diary

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Admittedly, I wasn't all that excited about visiting London when we were planning this trip. Cities aren't really my thing, and I definitely get more excited about visiting nature. But, boy, I did not expect to enjoy London so much! I was excepting a New York City, but it felt more like the colors and the cleanliness. Chicago, but obviously much more historical and old! Maybe if you've visited both cities you know what I mean. 

Unfortunately, our flight from Ireland to London was severely delayed so we actually lost out on a lot of time in the city we were supposed to have. But, we made the most of it and packed in as much as we could!

If you are planning a trip, I highly recommend The London Pass. One fee and you get access to dozens and dozens of popular sites and tours. We got our money's worth and more. (Plus, there is cash back with Rakuten for the Go City passes!) 

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