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Two Yummy Salad Recipes

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

If it's one thing I love, it's a great BIG salad! Especially in the summer. There is nothing better than some fresh veggies and not heating up your kitchen this time of year. We have a few go to recipes - but we tried two new salad recipes this past week and they are worth a share!
This salad is unique because the whole salad is grilled. Even the lettuce. It's just so delicious! We don't own a grill, but I found that the vegetables grilled up well on our gas stove griddle. I think you can get a similar effect in a cast iron pan as well. 

This was a salad we loved so much that we made it twice in one week. So yummy! I will say, you have to be a fan of gorgonzola because it's got a ton in the salad and the dressing is made with the cheese as well. Loved the roasted corn and the marinated red onion! 😋

Surprise, surprise, both of these recipes are from The Defined Dish. You can't go wrong with any of Alex's recipes. They always turn out divine! I really enjoy The Comfortable Kitchen cookbook, and would like to get the original Defined Dish cookbook too. 

We've been getting a Gobble box pretty much every week this summer, but I skipped it the past two weeks because the recipes just looked so-so. So that made me reach into my Plan to Eat recipes and get a full meal plan sorted out. It's always fun to try new recipes, but I do love my old faithfuls in Plan to Eat. (Here's a link to a free trial of Plan to Eat if you want to try it! Worth every penny and an absolute game changer for meal planning!)

P.S. I have a whole tab of coupons for you in the header! 

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