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How It's Going With My Etsy Shop

Thursday, May 26, 2022

It's been 2 years since my last update! My Etsy shop officially opened in 2018 with some digital downloads, but I really started putting effort into it in 2020 shortly after the pandemic began. It was sort of easy to put a lot of time into my shop during the pandemic, because we all had a little extra time on our hands. I've learned so so much during the past two years though! 

Recently, it's been sort of strange to get back to a 'normal' schedule and include Etsy in that.  I have always wanted to set office hours for my shop, but I have not been able to implement that so far. But, I have started waiting until I have several orders and then working on them in batches to be the most time efficient. I used to get so excited when an order would come in, I'd go and do it right away! Work smarter not harder, ya know?

A few things I feel great about:

Instagram - While I don't have that many followers, I've noticed that I get an order or two with each post. Posting regularly is hard, and I sometimes blank on what to share. I want it to be interesting or helpful, and not repetitive. Instagram is also a really great way to get friend and family support. It seems like a lot people in my day to day life don't know I even have an Etsy shop, or understand what I sell - so Instagram is a great way to show and tell! 

Color Chart - One thing I had been putting off for literally 2 years was making a color chart for my vinyl decals. I have SO many colors so this was a daunting task. I basically decided just to bite the bullet, and make a small chart of my most popular colors. Officially got it done, and it's up in every listing now. My vinyl collection is quite extensive and it could never fit on a graphic - so just showing off the most popular colors felt much more approachable. 

Packaging - I set up a great rolling cart with all my packing essentials next to my desk. Since my last update, I started including an alcohol wipe and a plastic scraper with each decal order. Obviously, it's not necessary to do that, but I've gotten great feed back and people seem to like the little touch. 

My Favorite Packaging Materials:

Made to Order - Originally, I would make a sample of every color to photograph and list. I thought this would be a great strategy, and I could just send out these precut decals when they were ordered. Having an inventory just didn't work for me. I'd forget I already had something cut all the time! So, now I do totally made to order. I do have to cut a design for a new listing occasionally though. Because of that, I end up with a few precut decals in my drawer. So, I created a Ready To Ship section in the shop just to get rid of that inventory. Plus, sometimes I accidentally cut the wrong color, so this is a great way not to waste materials and for people to get a discount! 

I'm Planning a Giveaway! - This will be my first solo giveaway. I'm approaching 1,000 sales on Etsy (there have been many more sales from personal friends and over on Instagram, but I'm going with the official count on my Etsy shop header.) so I really want to do a giveaway to celebrate! You'll have to follow along on Instagram for those details. To speed things up I activated a sale on the site and there is a super special promo code just for blog friends in the Coupons For You tab above! 

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