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Recent Favorites - November 2021

Monday, November 15, 2021

One | Monogramed Hiking Boots

As soon as I saw these on Marley Lilly's website, I knew I'd order them! I searched high and low for cute hiking boots last year, so I wish they had these sooner. They come with red and brown laces - but I'm partial to the red! I will say I got my typical size, and I think I should have sized up one. They fit just right, but most people will wear thick socks with boots, so if you are between sizes or want a more comfortable fit - go up! 

Marley Lilly has a 'blooper' section, where you can search your initials and see if they have anything with your monogram. I scored in this section! I got a pair of sandals, a bathing suit cover up, and a monogramed sweatshirt for a huge discount. These items are what they call 'not perfect' so something could be a little off- but all three of my items looks almost perfect. 

Two | Hydrangea Corkcicle

I needed another stainless tumbler like I needed a hole in my head, but when I saw this Rifle Paper Co and Corkcicle collab - I couldn't resist. Hydrangeas are my all time favorite flower. It's the flower I used in our wedding even though it was February and I had to have them flown in from South America. 

I'm trying to drink more water, so a cute cup can't hurt right? Plus it looks darling with my copper straws from Grove

Three | Caldrea Room & Linen Spray

Holy toledo, these are AH-mazing. Being an adult means getting excited about soaps and cleaning products right? Caldrea is pricey - but their fragrances are so great. I'm not even big on fragrance, but these are done so well. I am partial to Sea Salt Neroli and Tangelo Palm Frond. What I really love is that you can use these as a room spray, or on linen - so it's perfect for freshening everything up! Plus a little goes a long way, which helps me justify the 'treat yo self' price point. 

(Cheaper if you buy it from Grove versus Amazon! And plus, if you sign up for Grove Co. with my link you get a free gift set too.) 

Four | The Sunrise

File this under the priceless category. Our neighborhood has the most stunning sunrises! Granted, now that the time has changed, we have to wake up a little earlier to see them. Blake and I have been running or walking around 6:30 several mornings a week and seeing the sunrise is such a gift and reward. 

Five | Plants

Did you notice that people were going nuts for plants during quarantine? I've always been pro-faux because it's one less thing to take care of, but call me changed. I now have 8 house plants. Who even am I?? We received a couple plants as house warming gifts, and I think my confidence increased because I've been successful at taking care of them. 

We had two corners on our staircase that I felt needed a little something, so I found 2 plant stands that were the perfect fit for the dead space. It's so nice to see a pop of green there! At the top of the stairs I have a stand that holds 3 separate plants, and then at the bottom it's a two tiered stand that can hold at least two. The one at the bottom of the stairs could actually be a great bedside table for a small space, or even a diffuser stand. 

Six | My Third Pair of Brooks!

I never used to spend money on tennis shoes. I'd just get was on sale! But, then when we started training for our half marathon, I bit the bullet and dropped some money on some actual running shoes. Consider me a convert, because I just bought my third pair! I went with the Ghost 14s in navy blue and mint green, which is honestly the most Kristen shoe ever. 

P.S. This long sleeved monogram tee was my free gift with purchase when I bought the boots in No.1! 

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Tell me what you are currently loving! Do you have a favorite cup? Are you a fellow monogram lover? What's your go-to running shoe? How about what's 'priceless' to you right now!?

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