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Green Chef Review

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Meal kit deliveries are such a little luxury! We typically find they are on the more expensive side, but definitely worthwhile in busy seasons. Our spring is the definition of a busy season! With so much on our plates, we decided to try out a meal kit to keep 'what's for dinner' off the mental load. 

In the past we've loved Plated (which has since gone out of business apparently) and Blue Apron. My mom had said how much they had enjoyed Green Chef and sent me a coupon to give it a try. Perfect timing. I wanted to share our experience and why I'll definitely keep ordering their kits! 

The meals we got in our first box:

- Plant Based Protein Tacos
- Peanut Chicken with Udon Noodles
- Harissa Spiced Shrimp

All of these meals were a complete10/10! We loved them. They were all so flavorful, easy to assemble and delicious. Our very favorite was the peanut chicken, I'd eat that every night if I could!


- Loved all our recipes! 
- Lots of veggies. It's been a personal goal to eat more vegetables, and these recipes made that so easy.
- Arrived perfectly chilled and nothing was spoiled. (This had been a problem for us with other boxes.) 
- Easy recipes, that were enjoyable to cook together. 
- Perfect portions for 2. We both had heaping plates full, but didn't feel overly stuffed. 
- Lots of meal options if you are doing a special diet. We chose the Balanced Living plan.
- Organic
- Easy to dispose of ice packs.
- I don't have to think about what's for dinner!


- Pricey. It's about $12 a serving. 

I think meal kits are a luxury. It's not exactly budget friendly, but it does help so much with taking the pressure off of dinner time. We've decided to keep our membership going and just use it when we know we will appreciate having dinner figured out for us. I love not having to think about it, and it's much healthier and cheaper than getting take out! 

If you want to try Green Chef, I'd love to give you a free box! I have just a few to give, so first come first served! Also keep in mind that Rakuten is currently offering 22% cash back for Green Chef! 

Leave a comment below and share your experiences with meal kit deliveries! Do you have a box you love to get? Let me know if you have tried Green Chef and what you thought. 


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