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Monday, September 28, 2020

Normally, I don't have too much leisure TV time! Once we sit down for the evening, we usually watch one of our many, many movies on VUDU and I pretty much fall asleep within 15 minutes of getting comfy! That's why I'm surprised I have more than one recommendation for you! 

Father of the Bride Part 3ish

Father of the Bride, both parts 1 & 2, are up there with my all time favorite movies! I could watch them over and over again. I was tickled to hear Nancy Myers was teasing a part 3. I had hoped for a full on surprise movie, but I will totally settle for this little special. It was adorable and I loved seeing everyone together again. 

Enola Holmes

We are big Sherlock fans, so when we heard a movie was coming out about his sister-we were excited to watch! It's a really cute, fun, girl power movie. 


I originally started this just to have something playing in the background, but ended up really enjoying it. Love a good space show. It always makes me appreciate the Earth and how perfect it is for people! 

Ever After

Disney +
Ever After was another favorite movie of mine growing up. I don't know why we've never bought a copy, but I was thrilled when it came out on Disney + recently. Blake thinks it's terrible, but I still love it. Drew Barrymore's english accent is pretty bad, but oh well. 

Leave a comment below and tell me what you've been watching lately! Seems like Fall TV is starting up soon. Let me know what shows you are looking forward to. We don't have cable, but we do have HULU with our Disney+ subscription, so I should be able to keep up this year!


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