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Thursday Three | 9-24-20

Thursday, September 24, 2020

File this under something I didn't know I needed until I got them! Blake has some of these wireless earbuds and he loves them. Amazon ran a deal of the day on them and asked me if I wanted a pair for running. Funnily enough, I haven't worn them running yet, but I LOVE them for everyday use. They are great for wearing around the house and listening to audiobooks. I also love the fun case that they fit in for charging. 

I should note that my ears are super strange, and earbuds never work for me! These have so many size adjuster options that I was able to easily make them fit my ears and they stay in just fine. Again, haven't worn them running yet-but I usually run with my sister and we talk the whole time anyway. I'm still a fan of my over the ear headphones and feel like these fulfill different roles. 

Side note: These would make an excellent gift for someone who is difficult to buy for! 

Two | Book Recommendations 
Not sure if you've been keeping track, but it's been ages since I have shared a Recent Reads post. That's because I have ZERO books to recommend. I have started and stopped no less than 5 books in the last month and gave up on them for one reason or another. I need your recommendations! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think will get me out of this slump. 

Three | Plan To Eat
Can I just say it's been a good couple of weeks for us. I feel like our routine has been rock solid and I know a lot of it has been because of a killer meal plan. I mentioned a few weeks ago we were worried about some health stuff, and we finally got some good news and the all clear. But, it's made us ultra conscious of our overall health. I've been back doing WW and loving it. Blake has lost over 10 pounds in a month with MyFitnessPal. (Simultaneously proud of him and jealous that men just lose weight easier.) 

A huge part of our success has been meal planning and cooking nutritious, delicious meals. I started using the app/website Plan To Eat and just had to share it. It's a website that stores all of your recipes, helps you make your meal plan, and generates a shopping list. My favorite part is that you can import meals from blogs or Pinterest and it automatically populates all of the ingredients, steps and nutrition. I'm only adding our very favorite recipes, or new recipes we want to try. If we don't like the new recipe, I just delete it from the app. 

We haven't even been tempted to go out to eat because we have such exciting meals planned to cook at home. I've always tried to have a meal plan, but what really makes it successful is having food you actually want to make. It's easy to get into a rut with the same ole recipes. Using this website has definitely made me put in more effort and we've been making a lot of new things! 

There is a membership fee, but I'm planning on continuing after my trial is up. It's so useful. If you sign up with my link you can get a free 30 day trial. I really appreciated that no payment information is required to start this trial. 

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

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If you are interested in WW (formerly Weight Watchers) you can get a free month on me with this link! 

Alright guys, that's it from me! I hope you have an amazing Thursday! Let's chat in the comments below!


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