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What Vitamins and Supplements I Take

Monday, August 3, 2020

While no expert, I have always been amazed at what the body can do when it's nourished! Because I'm not a doctor, I don't want you to take any of the following information as professional advice. I simply love learning about nutrition and thought I'd share the vitamins I take on a regular basis. 

Multivitamin - A good multivitamin can help you get a well rounded dose of vitamins and minerals. I have been enjoying the HONU women's multi. Pros: These are vegan, they come in a glass bottle, and tons of good stuff inside. Cons: The serving size is 2 tablets, and they are quite large. (Honestly, I just take 1.) Also, this is a vitamin that turns your pee neon. And, these aren't the cheapest. Vitamins aren't cheap in general though. 

Vitamin D - Also love the HONU vitamin D. I prefer to get my vitamin D straight from the sunshine, but that's not always possible. Plus, sunscreen actually blocks the rays that give vitamin D, so balance is needed to make sure you are staying sun safe. Vitamin D does so many good things for the body. Here is a helpful article!

Because vitamin D is a vitamin your body actually stores, it is possible to take too much, however most people are very deficient in vitamin D. Just to be safe, I don't take my multi and vitamin D on the same day. 

Magnesium - These NOW magnesium capsules were the first vitamin that I feel really made a difference in my life. (One con, they are pretty big capsules!) Your body is an amazing electrical system, and magnesium helps support those functions. Here is a helpful article! For example, I have always had terrible restless legs in the evenings. That's an electrical problem- so once I started taking a magnesium supplement I have had relief! I can always tell when my body is running low on magnesium. 

Magnesium is also said to help your body manage stress response, which we can all use support with right now!

Vitamin C - There are so many affordable brands of vitamin C! I picked up this bottle at Walgreens, but you can get them on Amazon as well. (Con: I feel like I gag everytime I have to take this, and they aren't even that big!) Vitamin C is vital for our immune systems. Here is a helpful article! Interestingly vitamin C has very low toxicity, so it's possible to up the dosage when we want to fight off sickness without too much risk. If it upsets your stomach, that's probably a good sign that we've taken too much. (Vitamins always upset my stomach when taken without eating, so I'm speaking of when you have a full stomach and it gets upset.) 

Melatonin - What a blessing melatonin can be! I don't take this everyday, just when I want to fall asleep quicker and when I want to stay asleep all night. (Not something I have a huge problem doing on my own, but sometimes!) 

Probiotic - Gut health is SO important. A good probiotic can help our body stay healthy enough to absorb nutrients and fight off bad bacteria. Here is a helpful article! I love the HONU gut check probiotic because it has a big variety of cultures. Con: these have to be refrigerated after opening. I keep all my vitamins in a cabinet, so having one in the fridge means I'm mostly likely to forget about it. 

Honorable Mention! 

Biotin - Again the HONU biotin is great. Biotin supplements help me with healthy hair growth! Lots of people have also had good success with biotin helping with nail strength too, but I haven't experienced that. I think I'm doomed to have brittle nails! Here is a helpful article!

Remember, I'm not a doctor, I just wanted to share what I take! Make sure you do your own research and speak with the medical professional in your life before starting up a supplement routine. Leave a comment below and tell me what vitamins and supplements you take! Do you remember to take your vitamins everyday? For the record, I think gummy vitamins are amazing!! 😁

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