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Thursday Three | 8-13-20

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Hi Friends, and happy Thursday once again! This makes my third week of Thursday Three posts, and I'm really excited about this new series. It's really easy to think of three things to share, and I hope you enjoy this little peek into my week.

Essential Oil Bracelet |

I've been interested in diffusing jewelry for a while, but hadn't seen something I felt was my style. Danielle posted about this bracelet, and I thought it was perfect for what I had in mind. Some of the beads are made from lava rocks, which are absorbent. You just put a few drops of essential oil onto the beads, and you can enjoy the smell a day (multiple days really!) The bracelet itself is very cute, and looks great stacked with my other favorite beaded bracelets. 

Two | Delly 
Delly, our 9 year old black pug, really put us through it this week. Last Wednesday she started having issues with her back legs. They were buckling, and she couldn't walk on them. Of course that is a symptom of some very serious stuff! I was thinking she jumped off the bed or something and really injured herself, or that it could be some kind of neuro problem. 

We took her into the vet Thursday morning, and they were very quick to diagnose her with arthritis. In fact, I could clearly see it myself on the xray. With some pain medication we were sent home. Through the weekend she just kept getting worse. It was terrible! I even made up my mind on Saturday that we were going to have to take her to the emergency 24 hr vet to have her put down. She was so miserable and you could tell she was getting frustrated with herself. She couldn't even stand to pee. 

I looked up Youtube videos to see other pugs with arthritis and I just didn't see what was happening to Delly. I agree she is getting older and had some signs of it, like not wanting to jump up on the couch anymore. But, this was so much worse than stiff legs. 

When my husband came home he noticed that Delly's back paws were very inflamed and raw looking. My whole outlook changed. It was no longer an injury or brain problem in my mind, it was just that her feet were hurting. 

I remembered a Youtube video I had seen while researching earlier. It was of a lab doing the exact same thing Delly was doing. Same flailing. The person who posted the video said it had to do with allergies, and as soon as the dog was put on Apoquel (a pill we have given to Bailey many times for her allergies.) it stopped. 

I tested my new theory and gave Delly a benadryl before we went to bed. (I'm not a vet so please ask them before you try any treatments with your own pets.) The next day it was a complete 180. She was still not 100% herself but she was no longer having trouble walking. The more we watched her the more we could see her paws were licked raw. Because her fur and paw pads are black it was not abundantly clear until we really looked.

Our other two pugs Bailey and Winston have always had allergy issues, and get shots regularly to help them. Delly has never had a problem with this, so it really was the last thing on my mind! Fortunately I had an appointment on Monday already set up for the other two dogs to get their shots, so I just brought Delly along to get hers. 

This was a long story, but you have to understand that this consumed my week! I seriously had made the decision to put her out of her misery, and it was just allergies. 🙄 I am a little annoyed we spent so much money on xrays and arthritis medication, but I'm glad we were able to come out with a solution. She is doing much better, and we hope she sticks around for a long time. 

Three | Our Photo Map
Something that I have been meaning to share is our map! My sister in law got this for us for our anniversary in February, and we LOVE looking at it. Especially now when traveling is off the table for us. It's beautiful to begin with, but we have had a blast finding photos for it! There are a few states we've been to that I'm still hunting for a good pictures for. 

Leave a comment below and tell me what's new with you! Anything exciting this week, or coming weekend? Anybody else hate dealing with pet problems?!


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