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Recent Reads #9

Monday, August 10, 2020

My goal is to read 40 books in 2020, and I just hit number 27! Super excited about that. That number would be a lot higher if I hadn't quit several books this month. I don't know about you but if a book doesn't grab me pretty quickly I rarely stick with it. That's why I rely other's recommendations so much! Here's a couple from me:Recent Reads | 2020 Book Suggestions |

1 Star = Hated It -  2 Stars = Didn't Like It -
3 Stars =Liked It - 4 Stars = Really Liked It - 5 Stars = Loved it

Plot: From Goodreads: Call the Midwife is a most extraordinary book and should be required reading of all students of midwifery, nursing, sociology and modern history. It tells of the experiences of a young trainee midwife in the East End of London in the 1950's and is a graphic portrayal of the quite appalling conditions that the East Enders endured.

What I Liked: I loved the Call the Midwife tv series (on Netflix), so I decided to try the book when I needed an audiobook to listen to. It's just as great as the show, and there are several plot points and stories not mentioned in the tv show. That being said, the show expounds so much more on what the book highlights-so I don't think you need to read the book if you've watched the show. But if you haven't watched the show, the book is fabulous. I love the time period, the characters, and the interesting birth stories!

What I Didn't Like: Can't think of anything to say negatively about this. Loved it. Maybe be aware of some graphic descriptions of birth and about some events at a brothel. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Plot: From Goodreads:In Oak Knoll, a verdant, tight-knit North Carolina neighborhood, professor of forestry and ecology Valerie Alston-Holt is raising her bright and talented biracial son. Xavier is headed to college in the fall, and after years of single parenting, Valerie is facing the prospect of an empty nest. All is well until the Whitmans move in next door - an apparently traditional family with new money, ambition, and a secretly troubled teenaged daughter.

Thanks to his thriving local business, Brad Whitman is something of a celebrity around town, and he's made a small fortune on his customer service and charm, while his wife, Julia, escaped her trailer park upbringing for the security of marriage and homemaking. Their new house is more than she ever imagined for herself, and who wouldn't want to live in Oak Knoll? With little in common except a property line, these two very different families quickly find themselves at odds: first, over an historic oak tree in Valerie's yard, and soon after, the blossoming romance between their two teenagers.

What I Liked: Great premise, solid beginning, and definitely a page turner! Loved the variety of characters and points of view. 

What I Didn't Like: This book kind of goes super Hallmark dramatic at the end, and while I don't know that I have a better ending, I'm not sure I liked the way this wrapped up.

Rating: 4 Stars

Plot: From Goodreads:Annie Higgins has given up on love: she’s too busy trying to get her tiny business off the ground. Infuriated by the advertising agency across the hall making fun of her job, Annie accepts their crazy challenge – to make a random stranger Instagram-famous in just thirty days.

And even when they choose Dr Samuel Page PhD, historian and hater of social media, as her target, Annie’s determined to win the bet – whether Sam likes it or not.

What I Liked: I just loved this. (Thanks to Katie for the rec!) It's a British Rom Com, and just a fun light read. This would make a great movie!

What I Didn't Like: Somewhat predictable, and silly, but I loved it anyway. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Plot:From Good Reads: The Honorable Jeremy Malcolm is searching for a wife, but not just any wife. He's determined to elude the fortune hunters and find a near-perfect woman, one who will meet the qualifications on his well-crafted list. But after years of searching, he's beginning to despair of finding this paragon. And then Selina Dalton arrives in town…

Selina, a vicar's daughter of limited means and a stranger to high society, is thrilled when her friend Julia invites her to London.  Until she learns it's part of a plot to exact revenge on Mr. Malcolm. Selina is reluctant to participate in Julia's scheme, especially after meeting the irresistible Mr. Malcolm, who seems very different from the arrogant scoundrel of Julia's description.

But when Mr. Malcolm begins judging Selina against his unattainable standards, Selina decides that she has qualifications of her own. And if he is to meet them he must reveal the real man behind...Mr. Malcolm's List. 

What I Liked: This book was actually written by a family friend in my hometown! I read it years ago when she self published, but she was picked up by a publisher this year and they released it officially recently with two new scenes.There is actually a movie deal with some pretty big names attached too. So neat to watch this happen to someone I know! The story is super sweet and fun, especially if you like regency romance.

What I Didn't Like: It's not a perfect book. Some of the characters need some work, but overall it's a fun book you can recommend to your mom and grandma because it's completely clean. Also, I am not a regency fan in general, so I probably wouldn't be the target audience. 

Rating: 4 Stars

Alright guys, I need your recommendations! Leave one in the comments below! Tell me what you've read recently, or if you've read any of these titles. 

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