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Scenes from Sedona & The Hoover Dam | Days Five and Six

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

At this point in our adventure, we were getting pretty tired. Sedona was the perfect way to break up all the hiking we'd be doing. When we arrived, we really enjoyed walking around the downtown area, popping in and out of shops. There are a lot of unique shops in Sedona! 

We really enjoyed this seperate artisan area. It felt like another country! We loved checking out a vintage record store, and enjoyed a whiskey tasting. 


I still daydream about this guacamole! 

We stayed at a golf resort, and it was lovely. I really wish we had planned more time in Sedona, as there was a lot more there than we anticipated. Seems like a great place to relax!

  These purple cacti were everywhere and just so stunning! It almost seemed like they glowed. 

The Hoover Dam
The Hoover Dam was unexpected! It was another place I had never imagined visiting, but I'm so happy we did, because it was truly impressive! It was a tad disappointing that this has become such a tourist trap. There is a ridiculous gift shop and cafe that were so crowded. And there are additional fees if you want to go inside the visitor center or see the inside of the dam. 

We enjoyed walking around the top between the state lines, and then daring to cross the bridge on the other side. The bridge made for incredible views but I was so sick with nerves that it made it really hard to enjoy. Between the huge drop on one side, the roaring interstate traffic on the other and the wind...I thought I was going to die. That's why you can only see me take a picture of the back of Blake's head below. I wasn't getting any closer.

There is a semi-secret hiking trail at the Hoover Dam. It's a 10/10 must do. It's a gravel path that has been well maintained, and it leads you along the old railroad path used to build the dam. You get to go through old tunnels and end up with spectacular views of Lake Mead. 

I'm calling the Hoover Dam our last day, because the rest of the time we spent in Las Vegas-which is not our favorite destination in the world. We did stay at a really nice hotel there, and it felt extremely luxurious after all of the basic places we'd stayed at and porta potties we had to use over the past week. 

This was such an amazing trip and it only encouraged our travel bug! We are so thankful we went when we did because the world was upside down when we got home! Thank you for letting me share our adventure with you! 

Leave a comment below and tell me if you have ever been to Sedona and what we missed there! I know we could have spent a week there, easily. Anyone else scared of heights?! 

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