Scenes from the Grand Canyon | Day Two

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In the second installment of our 10th anniversary trip (here is day 1), here are some scenes from the Grand Canyon! Neither of us had been before, and I was truly blown away. This is going to sound dumb, but the Grand Canyon is so much bigger than I ever thought. It's so vast, and incredible. 

As I mentioned in the Zion post, I am afraid of heights. I almost forgot I was afraid of heights until going on this trip! I stayed really far from the edge when possible, but it was other people that made me a ball of nerves this entire day. So many people were taking huge risks for photos! 

completely fake smile. I was so nervous, and it's laughable because I'm very far from the edge, despite how it looks here.

We stayed at the Bright Angel Lodge within the Grand Canyon National Park. It was very nice, and recently updated. We did have to pay extra to have a private bathroom. Additionally there is no air conditioning, so be aware of that if you visit in the summer. We were so cold after stargazing that I slept in all my clothes and piled on 2 blankets! 

Leave a comment below if you have ever visited the Grand Canyon, and were surprised at the size!
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