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A Day In Zion National Park, Utah | Our 10 Year Anniversary Trip

Monday, March 16, 2020

Blake and I just got back from an epic 10 year anniversary trip! Choosing a destination was challenging at first, because we typically go for more tropical destinations, which isn't always practical in February. Blake mentioned that he had always wanted to do a big Grand Canyon trip-something that I had never considered.

Once the research began, though, I became really excited about it! He did most of the planning, so that made it really fun for me. Long story short we had an amazing time, and I have the travel bug more than ever! 

(A quick note on traveling during the coronavirus threat: we weren't worried, and aside from wiping down our plane seats with a disinfecting wipe, didn't change anything about our planned trip.) 

We flew in Las Vegas, a place I have ZERO desire to ever return to, and stayed one night since we were arriving so late. It was a cheap flight, and we were able to pick up our rental car and get some groceries for the week very easily. 

The first full day of our trip we spent in Zion National Park! 

My pictures are kind of all mixed up in this post, but here is a quick run down of the day:
We started off at the visitor's center and made a quick pb&j lunch at a picnic table. Then we headed up into the park to do two trails! 

The first was the Canyon Overlook trail, which was challenging for me as I am afraid of heights. The trail was very fun, and the views were incredible. There were several places, though, where I had to psych myself up to continue! Most of the trail had railings, but quite a few places did not. And, I really had to find it in me to cross a bridge that did not look reliable. The view at the end made it all worth it, and I was really proud that I conquered a fear. 

The second trail we did is called the Upper Emerald Pool trail. It was also a bit challenging because going towards the pool was entirely uphill. This one also had a great payoff with a very serene grotto at the end.

We absolutely love hiking, so Zion was a perfect place to start the trip! You could easily spend more than one day in the park. Just outside of the visitor's center are shops and restaurants, so that was very convenient. We stopped for dinner as we made our way out of the park. 

Interestingly, in Utah, you cannot order alcohol without also ordering food! 

That night, we stayed in a tiny house! It was SO cute and I decided I could totally live in a tiny house. If I had two tiny houses that is. I'd need a seperate one for my office with all my Cricut stuff, haha. 

But truthfully, it was the the perfect way to end our first day. We sat by the fire, drank rum and cokes, and got to see SO many stars. 

I have so much more to share! After all this was just day one. Stay tuned for our next stops at the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Sedona and a few more fun places. 

Leave a comment below if you've ever visited Zion or another national park! We've got an annual pass for the national parks-so let me know where we should go next!

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