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Life Lately # 10

Monday, March 2, 2020

Changing Things Up
As a recovering chronic redecorator, I am still thrilled by changing things up around the house. This time though, I've been moving a few things around and doing minor refreshing. SO in love with these pillowcases I picked up from Amazon. They are kinda farmhouse-y meets coastal-which is what our house aesthetic has kind of turned into. 

With dogs, I have to buy fabrics that can be washed. The best way for us to do throw pillows, is to stick to the ones with cases. I got these pillow from Ikea years ago, and they are such a good product for the price. It's super easy to replace the cases when the old ones wear out. 

Drinking Lots of Cold Brew
We have had a cold brew maker on our Amazon wish list for a long time now, but it wasn't something we were going to buy for ourselves. My grandparents bought it for us for our anniversary this year, and I wonder how we lived without it before! 

It's basically a fancy steeper, but you can do tea or cold brew coffee in it. The coffee we've made is delicious and it's very easy to use. Now to teach Blake to refill it when he finishes it off..

Jamming to Vinyl
I have a new type of vinyl in my life! It has been the sticky kind I can use with my Cricut, but now it's records! We got a Victrola player that plays vinyl albums, tapes, and CDs. So vintage, haha! But, seriously it's made me fall in love with listening to music again. 

Vinyl albums are kinda pricey new, so I'm looking forward to searching thrift stores and garage sales for new to me music. Right now, we are just collecting some of our all time favorites. 

Finishing Notebooks
So, how many of you have a bunch of fall full notebooks lying around?! I used to always have big intentions with notebooks and never got around to filling them. That seriously all changed when I fell in love with the Erin Condren spiral notebooks. I love the custom covers. It was something about designating a specific notebook for each aspect of my life that changed the way I use them. I just finished multiple notebooks and had to go for volume no. 2! 

Fortunately, EC just released a new style of these notebooks and they actually went down in price. In fact, if you are a new member and you sign up with my link, you get a $10 coupon, which would make these just $6. The quality is just so good. I love these so much. 

Oh! And don't forget to use Rakuten to get cash back when you buy from Erin Condren!

Drinking Beer
Probably cliche for most millenials at this point, but Blake and I have been loving craft beer. I can't even believe I like beer now, haha. Having some really good brews when we were in Europe last fall helped open my palate, and now I really enjoy it. My brother was in town last week and we got to try 2 new to me breweries in Apalachicola and Eastpoint. The view was everything! 

Dyed My Hair!
Gosh, this is not the best picture, but I had to share my hair adventure. It was an accident! My hair had been getting a orangey-red tint to it and I was not liking it. I asked my sister to help me get it back to my natural shade. We bought a dye that looked almost exactly like my usual hair color, but it did not turn out right. It actually made the red tint worse and it looked like I bleached it. I do not look good as a redhead, I'll tell you what. 

We went one shade darker and it helped but not enough to make me feel confident. So, one more shade darker it was. Since then, that color has washed out a tad and I'm actually loving it.  

Leave a comment below and tell me what you've been up to lately!
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