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Must Have Cricut Accessories

Monday, December 9, 2019

Must Have Cricut Accessories

When I first started using my Cricut machine I was so overwhelmed with all of the possibilities! There were so many projects I could do, and SO many products to buy. I wasn't sure what accessories I absolutely needed, and I wasted a whole lotta vinyl because of buying the wrong thing. I thought I would compile the must haves and my favorite products here, in case you are in the market for a Cricut machine. I have a Cricut Explore, so if you have or are getting a Maker keep in mind you have more options for materials to use. 

I am an affiliate with both Amazon and Cricut, so if you purchase from links below I appreciate your support! 

Cricut Tool Kit 
(Available on or Amazon)
- Scissors
- Tweezers
- Scraper
- Weeding Tool
- Spatula
This kit has all of the essentials! I use all of these tools when I am crafting. The scissors are super sharp and perfect for trimming vinyl or paper. Tweezers come in handy when a stray piece of vinyl gets stuck or is too small to pick out with your fingers. The scraper is essential for applying vinyl to transfer tape or a surface. Weeding is the Cricut term for picking out unnecessary vinyl. You will need this great weeder on every project! And the spatula will be crucial for getting your project unstuck from your sticky mat. 

Must Have Cricut Accessories
12x12 Sticky Mat
(Available on or Amazon)
To use your Cricut you have to have a sticky mat. I believe your machine comes with a mat, but I highly suggest buying multiple. When you are doing a project with multiple colors, multiple mats will be very convenient. Additionally, the different color mats are different levels of stickiness.

12x24 Sticky Mat
(Available on or Amazon)
The 12x24 mat will be essential when doing larger projects that you don't want to piece together. Keep the clear cover that comes with the mat to keep it sticky longer. I highly recommend hanging with command hooks for maximum storage. See the photo above!

Cricut Pens
(Available on or Amazon)
It is so mesmerizing to watch your machine draw!! These pens paired with cardstock equal a ready to go sign or greeting card.

Transfer Tape
(Available on Amazon or 651Vinyl)
Transfer tape is what you will use to move your vinyl from the sheet it comes on to the object you want to decorate. I love the blue tape with grid lines. It's sticky, but not overly sticky that your vinyl won't come off. Highly recommend They have the best prices! I dislike the Cricut transfer tape...maybe even hate it.

Stuff to Cut! Vinyl, HTV, and Cardstock
- Vinyl 
(Available on Amazon or 651Vinyl)
Regular vinyl is what you will use to adhere to most hard surfaces. 631 is temporary, 651 is permanent. I love the brand Oracal-I find it's one of the easiest to use and it lasts. DO NOT bother with Cricut vinyl-it is not the easiest to use to say the least.
(Available on Amazon or 651Vinyl)
HTV or Heat Transfer Vinyl is what you will use to decorate fabrics. Make sure to put the shiny side down, and mirror your image! Also pay attention to the instructions on your HTV to know whether or not your peel it off when it's hot or cold. (Heat presses or Easy Presses certainly make HTV easier, but I use an iron!)
- Cardstock
(Available on Amazon or
Cutting paper is so satisfying. The possibilities are endless! 

Blanks for Projects
I like to keep a variety of blank items on hand for quick and easy projects. Some examples include: tea towels, water bottles, t shirts, canvas totes and canvases for a reverse canvas project. (Here is a tutorial on how to do a reverse canvas!) I'm always on the hunt for blank items. Lots of good options are available at Walmart (check the clearance section!) or thrift stores. 

I feel torn on recommending this, as I don't have Cricut Access anymore because of my personal budget. However, it's awesome and totally worth it when you are first starting out and making tons of projects. Now, I use for free fonts, and I like to find images or SVG designs on Etsy. They are usually very inexpensive and you can use them over and over. 

Don't forget to use Rakuten (aka Ebates) for cash back on your purchases! They often have coupon codes as well. 

Leave a comment below if you have any other recommendations for new crafters! I'd love to hear what you can't do without. If you are interested in more Cricut related content check out my Cricut tag for recent creations a tutorials!
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