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What I Wore In June

Monday, July 1, 2019

Our summers here in North Florida are very humid and hot. That makes getting dressed challenging to say the least. It's all too easy to get stuck in a shorts and teeshirt rut, and even harder when you have to get dressed up. I challenged myself to take photos of my outfits in June, mainly so I would try harder! 
Last time I successfully did this was in November 2017!

Here's what I wore in June:


I definitely didn't manage to snap a picture everyday, but I think this gives you a true picture of  the variety of clothing I wear! Lots of skirts and dresses, but plenty of Nike shorts days too! My MVP this month were these linen shorts from Amazon. Other than that all of my clothing here came from Target, J Crew Factory, Old Navy or Poshmark. Okay, my HI-VIS vest was from Lowes, haha.

Fun fact: when I take a photo on the small mirror in our guest room, it's because my husband was still asleep. So most likely that was on a Wednesday when I leave early for work. The more ya know.

Now for throwback! I found a post in my drafts folder that was never published! In June of 2017, I attempted to document my outfits, but it looks like I gave up. (However I did succeed later that year.) I thought it would be fun to share those outfits too. What's really funny is that I don't own most of these clothes anymore! I got rid of so many clothes doing the Emily Ley Declutter Challenge.

I have a question for any psychologists that read my blog, (doubt there are any), why do you think I showed my face in 2017, but then didn't this year? I really don't think I did that on purpose. 

Your turn! Let me know what the temperatures are like where you live! I want to know what outfits you've been relying on. Do you make an effort in the summer, or do you like to stick with easy outfits? 

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