Everyday Outfits // What I Wore In November

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I've actually attempted this little experiment several times this year! I'd get about a week in and then forget. Taking outfit pictures with an actual photographer is obviously my preference, but I can't exactly plan to do that all the time. Plus, I'm wearing and rewearing a lot of the same pieces in my everyday life. It's rare that I have on head-to-toe newer pieces. 

So, I wanted to chronicle what I wear on a more everyday basis! It was very hard to remember to take a picture everyday this month-and in fact some days I definitely forgot, or I was in workout clothes and didn't feel like it qualified as a real outfit. (I did not take any photos in North Carolina, but you can see those outfits here)

This was kinda fun! You can really see the fluctuation in temperature this month. Fall in Florida is strange! You can start out with thick layers on and then by noon you strip down because you are sweating to death. 

The first and last two photos are my favorite looks this month! 


So, I may try this again! It definitely makes you more conscience of what you are putting together. I really tried not to repeat pieces, but it happened a few times. I think it will be cool to look back on in about a year and see what I wore on that day-maybe I will be able to predict the weather!

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