Monday, July 15, 2019

Playlist No.10 | Summer 2019

Summer 2019 Playlist |

Does anyone else remember a time in your life where music was everything? When I was a teenager I loved discovering new bands, wearing band t shirts from Hot Topic (the looks I got when I went in that store! I was a preppy girl who loved music, what can I say.), making CDs for friends, belting out my favorite songs in my first car with all the windows down...Maybe I'm waxing poetic here, but I just remember music being the only thing that 'got me' at the time. 

I think that faded away in my twenties as I figured out who I am and knew how to express myself without a song lyric. I was reflecting on that time recently when my husband and I were driving home from a weekend trip and I realized we never turned the radio on once. (In fact my radio doesn't even work properly.) 

I had a sudden urge to listen to music though, when we had an unexpected day off. (Rarer and rarer these days!) We headed over to use a friend's pool, and all I wanted to do was roll down the windows and sing along! I guess I still love music, I just need to be in the mood for it. Otherwise, you'll find me listening to an audiobook or podcast. 

Summer 2019 Playlist |

Here's my playlist! 

Let's Chat! Drop your favorite summer song in the comments below! I used to share playlists all the time. The last one was in 2016! Is this something you are interested in seeing more of? Let me know!

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