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Our First Royal Caribbean Cruise & a Vlog!

Monday, December 10, 2018

I think I was 13 when we went on our first family cruise. Somewhere is a photograph of me with cornrow braids (with pink and purple beads), braces, and ill fitting clothes from Charlotte Russe staged behind a fake ship's wheel from that cruise. We loved every second of that trip! I can still remember my little brother going down the slide no less than 75 times, trying to set a record. 

We cruised at least once a year until I was probably 18 or 19. When Blake came into the picture we took a cruise hiatus, probably because my parents were paying for a wedding. Once we all settled into our lives for a few years we started cruising again! Here is our 2015 trip, and 2016. I can't remember why we didn't go last year.

It's just such a fun way to travel! You can relax all day and wake up in a new country. Up until this year, we've been pretty loyal Carnival cruisers. For this year's cruise, we all were itching to try something different. So we booked a Royal Caribbean cruise! We sailed on the Brilliance of the Seas, which is an older ship but we were very impressed. 

Of course, the main point of these trips is to be together-and that was the best part! Here are a few photos from our trip, but I will say I didn't take many. We were very much in the moment on this vacation! However, we did put together a short vlog style video, which is below! (This is our 2nd vlog!)

Make sure you adjust the quality! For some reason it's automatically on a lower setting.

Ten out of ten recommend skipping the cruise excursions in Cozumel, and grabbing a taxi to Paradise Beach! It had a pool, plenty of lounge chairs, yummy salsa and did you see those inflatables in the video!? Playing on all of those slides might have been my favorite part of the whole trip. I was so sore the next day from hoisting myself and my nephew up all of those things. 

Top Ten (in no particular order):
- The spa treatment I got! 75 minutes of pure heavenly massage and a facial.
- The fried goat cheese on the salad the first night.
- Watching my mom kill it on 'finish that lyric'.
- Rockwall climbing, which is 100% harder than it looks.
- The inflatables at Paradise Beach.
- The salsa at Paradise Beach.
- Watching the entire crew fall in love with my 7 month old nephew Lennox. He was seriously famous by the end. 
- Trivia! Our family loves trivia, but I definately shined when it was Disney song trivia...
- Watching my brother in law kill it in karaoke and a few other contests...he is fearless!
- Making up a new secret handshake with my nephew Carter. We already had one, but now he wants to invent a new one everytime. They are ridiculous and embarrassing so I hope he goes back to the original one soon. But just having a close relationship with him is definitely a top ten moment! 

Leave a comment below if you like cruises! What cruise line do you have a good experience with? Anybody ever do a Disney cruise?! I'm dying to do one but they are like triple the price! 

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