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December Goals

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

November Report
Finish Office Refresh. Done! See below!

Post Office Refresh to the Blog. Done! I shared the photos of our little home office makeover on the 12th! We really love how it turned out, and it's been super functional for us. 

Share Formulate Results. Did it! Formulate is such a cool concept, and I'm really happy to have partnered with them this year. I hope you all entered the giveaway for your own custom set of shampoo and conditioner! The giveaway ends tomorrow, so you still have a chance to enter! 

Switch Closet for Next Season. Yes, and just by the skin of my teeth. Florida has made it really hard to get dressed recently. I wore my coat one day last week, and then by the weekend I was back in short sleeves. Either way it was safe to tuck away my tank tops and bathing suits after our vacation. We were both able to purge a few items too. 

Successfully Film Cruise. Did it and finished the video! I'm so happy we did this. It's made it so fun to show people what we did on vacation without flipping through a ton of pictures. Stay tuned, because on Monday I'm sharing a few pictures from our trip and the video!

December Goals
Just three goals this month!

Continue my exercise streak. As of when I'm writing this, I've exercised 8 days in a row. I'm talking good workouts too, the kind where you are sore the next day. I'd like to continue my streak for the month. Ideally I'd like to go for 6 days a week, with one rest day. You gotta ride the wave of motivation when it hits! 

Do another social media free weekend. When I did a social free weekend a few months ago I really enjoyed it. It was challenging though, which is probably the reason I haven't done it again. I'm hoping to do a social media free weekend the weekend of the 15th. 

Get the yard winter ready. Kinda boring, but our yard needs one more mowing and some things need trimming one last time. It seems like every time I get a chance to do this it's raining though! 

I usually try to pick 5 goals each month, but because goal number 1 is so important to me, I'm giving myself a little slack in the other departments. Plus the year is winding down and we are going to have a busy 2019! Leave a comment below with what you are working on in the month of December! Do you make monthly goals? I think it's a great time to get a head start on new year goals! 

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