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June Highlights

Friday, June 29, 2018

What an amazing month June was! We really kicked it off with a bang in New York, and it took almost all month to get back to normal, especially with a second weekend spent in Jacksonville. To resume normalcy, we tried to keep things low key for the rest of the month.

 As I was putting together this highlight reel, I realized I really stunk at taking pictures this month! I have almost no pictures from our Jacksonville weekend, and we did a few other things with friends this month that I have no record of. I'm making it a goal to be better about that in July! 

I made another skirt!
This is my second attempt at sewing a skirt! You can see the first one in this post. This time we were making a true circle skirt. My mistake however was buying fabric that wasn't wide enough for this particular method, and so we had to piece it together. In doing so, we ended up with a skirt that is too big for me, haha! (I'm not so good at math, which makes me believe I will never be a good seamstress.) However! This skirt fit my sister perfectly! (She is in the picture below!) After she gets back to her pre-pregnancy size, she will give it back to me and I can re work it to make it fit me. But, it made me so happy that she could wear it for now. 

Work Portrait
Hardly ever is our whole team in the office at the same time, so it was a lot of work getting this shot! We are sponsoring a show on PBS, and this photo is going to be in a little commercial. #famous

All Four Pugs In the House!
We had a little puggy reunion with Fred this month. Winston was happy to have his brother around! He usually pesters his momma to death, so I know she was relieved for him to have Fred to tussle with for the weekend. 

The Pugs page gives a little background on each of our pugs, but in short when we rescued Bailey 2 years ago (2 years exactly today actually!) she was pregnant. Fred and Winston are her puppies! We kept Winston, because how can you not, and Fred lives with our cousins!  

from left to right: Bailey, Delly, Fred and Winston
Pool Day
Thank goodness for friends with pools! We have had some seriously hot days this summer. My sister and I went to the pool one afternoon and it was so nice. Not very relaxing though, as we had to keep our eye on Carter! I have to try really hard not to wear sunglasses next time because I have a funny tan line on the top of my nose. 

Home Cookin'
After our trip to New York and a weekend in Jacksonville, I was SO sick of eating out at restaurants and craved some home cooking! Since then we've been really good about eating at home. I made up another big batch of my favorite pasta sauce with tomatoes from my garden. 

The pugs are always under foot when we are in the kitchen...just in case something drops!

Monthly Favorites
Favorite App: Color By Number
This is hands down the most relaxing part of my day! After a friend's kid showed me how much they love their paint by number app, I had to download one! It's the same concept as actual paint by number, it's just digital. It's so satisfying to watch the replay when you are finished! 

The app I linked is the one I'm using. It's great, there are just tons of ads! I went ahead and paid to have them disabled. Totally worth it. 

Favorite Recipe: Citrus Shrimp Salad
We really enjoyed this salad from Foodie Crush! Blake and I love to eat salads in the summer. This was was delicious, and fairly quick to make. You'll have to click through to another blog for the shrimp recipe-but it's worth it. I added a little feta cheese as well.

Changing Up My Wallpaper
One easy way to refresh your phone is by changing up the wallpaper. I discovered that Erin Condren has a bunch of free wallpapers you can download. Such cute prints! I haven't tried the downloadable greeting cards but, I'm going to try those out next! 


I swear I'm not obsessed with EC, but I do love their designs. My planner has helped my productivity so much! I shared my planner tour earlier this month-and the giveaway ends tomorrow! So make sure to enter!!

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Happy July!!


  1. The pugs are so cute! It sounds like a fantastic month, I hope July is lovely as well! xAllie

  2. What a great month for you! That skirt came out so good and I love the story about your pugs. My best friend has two of them and they are just the cutest. Oh yes, pool days with kids aren't the most relaxing but it's nice for them to get some energy out lol. I hope you have a great weekend! Sierra Beautifully Candid

    1. Thanks Sierra! June went by so fast.
      I'm excited to hear that your friend has pugs! Pug people are the best.
      I think the pool is perfect for the kids, because they get so worn out and it's great exercise. It's just not relaxing with them there, haha.

  3. You ARE a wonder woman! Seriously, how do you fit it all in with working so much? Cooking from scratch, travelling, sewing (what a great job you did - it is a beautiful skirt, and I LOVE your sandals too), pug mom, spending time with family and friends - WOW. Oh and blogging too! Good on you - especially the cooking part - when you have little time to still find the energy is very impressive! Have a great week-end - jealous you have a pal with a pool! Joanne x

    1. That is a great question Joanne! Sometimes I wonder how it all gets done.
      A lot of homey stuff comes naturally to me, but I do get worn out! For example, cleaning the house twice this month for our housesitter to enjoy was really hard! I wanted to enjoy it myself!
      I do have a busy schedule, but I still find that I want to accomplish even more.

  4. Oh my - there are some great things here! That skirt is so cute - you are very talented. I wish I could see. My mom is a great seamstress but I have never learned. But perhaps one day! Your pasta sauce with garden tomatoes sounds amazing. There is just nothing like tomatoes fresh from the garden. And that citrus shrimp dish looks incredible too - I want to add that to my list.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! This skirt turned out really good, but all the credit goes to the friend who is helping me learn!
      Let me know if you make the citrus shrimp, I thought it was delish!

  5. That sounds like a lot of fun. The skirt you made turned out awesome.

    1. It was a very fun month! And thank you! I'm proud of it!

  6. That skirt is so cute and it looks like you had a fabulous month!

    Felicity |

  7. I’m still so impressed that you can sew- your skirt looks great! Love your pug reunion, I bet they had so much fun!! I still love your EC planner tour and have been thinking of getting one too!

    1. Haha, I'm such a beginner! I think I'm going to tackle making a top next. There are a lot of cute patterns out there!
      I highly recommend the EC planner! The quality is great and there is a lot of room to customize.

  8. The skirt is so cute!! Amazing!

  9. Thanks for the Citrus Shrimp Salad recipe! I made it for dinner tonight and it was de-lish!

  10. Well done on the skirt! Shame it didn't fit you, but luckily it fit your sister!! AHAHA I love how we have to pay to disable ads. Crazy. The pugs are so, so cute and happy gotchaversary to Bailey!!

  11. whoa, that shrimp salad looks amazing. and way to go on the skirt making, that's awesome!



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