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Oh, Amazon. I don't know what I do without you! Living in a small town really limits your shopping options, so I'm very thankful for that quick two day shipping for anything I might need in a pinch. It comes in handy so often!

Blake and I both started Wish Lists for a funny reason actually. It was probably our 2nd anniversary, and I had no idea what to buy him. Blake is very particular about what he likes. I can either totally nail a gift, or quickly realize he is never going to use or wear whatever it is I buy him. I had him whip up a quick list so I knew exactly what he was hoping to get. (This is especially helpful if your recipient wants a particular electronic.) 

Since then, we've both kept up an Amazon wishlist! I've even gotten some of our family to make them up as well, and we've saved their lists to our dashboard so we always know what to buy on special occasions. (I personally don't feel like this takes away any surprise. They still don't know what you are buying, but also guarantees they will like it.)

Anyway, I thought it'd be fun to share what's currently on my list. I'm always curious to see what other people are buying or saving up to buy!

Starting my list off with the most expensive item first! I've been learning to sew, and one day I'd really love to get my own machine. I've picked this one for a few reasons. Brother is a good brand, and I really love that this has a monogramming feature. 
These are kinda pricey, which is the main reason I haven't bought them yet. I usually pick up a cheap pair of slippers off Groupon every fall, but they really don't hold up. I'd like to invest in a great pair that I can keep wearing. I love the color of these and that they have a hard sole for when I have to take the dogs out in the morning. 
We love watching cooking and baking shows! Recently, we were watching a baking competition and they used these attachments to make ice cream. It was SO cool, and I instantly added one to my wish list. 
I'd really love to get a copy of this cookbook. It's plant based recipes, which really fit our lifestyle right now! I'm mostly interested because these recipes seem uncomplicated. The author is in London, so I sort of wonder if the measurements will need converting. But at less than $15, I think I'd be willing to try it.

Almost as expensive as the sewing machine, but I really have my eyes on these headphones! I have weird ears, and earbuds have never ever worked for me. I was so excited when over the ear headphones came back in style, and I have a cheapy pair that have worked just fine. A nice pair of noise cancelling, wireless headphones would make me so happy though!

It might be the most boring thing on my list but it's something I think about getting all the time! Using paper towels to dry your lettuce it just so time consuming. Especially now that my garden is taking off, I really would love to get a salad spinner.
My dream home definitely includes a bigger bathtub, but for now my standard tub works fine. I'd love to get this caddy to hold my tablet or a book while I soak!
Gosh, I think this tripod arm would be so helpful for blog photos and for photos for my Etsy shop! I find it so hard to hold my arm steady in awkward positions. It would save quite a bit of time if I could line up a shot and get it over with-instead of trying a gazillion times to take a picture without my eye in the viewfinder!  

These are probably going to stay on my wishlist until I can find a good dupe! Last summer I found two pairs of shoes at an outlet that look exactly like the standard Jacks. But, I really really really love the style of this sandal and the color of course. (These are a shoe you definitely can't buy used either! The shoe gets a big dark foot mold of the person who wears them.)

This is the shower head that we installed in our guest bathroom. We adore this shower head so much, and I really would like to get a second one for our master shower. It's really easy to install too. It just attaches to the regular shower head pipe, and you glue the bottom half attachment down with silicone. So luxurious and fun! Plus, It makes dog washing a dream with that hose!
Quite glamorous, huh? Truthfully though, I would love to start composting. We did it growing up, and while it was sort of an experiment, it really did help our family cut down on waste. I recently read that a lot of things that could decompose easily, can't because they are mixed in with other household waste that doesn't decompose. This composter looks easy to use, and I think it would work well in our backyard. Plus, if it works I will be able to use it in my garden!

Leave a comment below with what's currently on your wishlist! Do you and your spouse tell each other exactly what you want, or do you try to be surprised!?

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