Three Netflix Shows You Should Be Watching

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Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee
Jerry Seinfeld is so hilarious. I appreciate his cleaner sense of humor, and that he is so relatable! In this show, he picks out a cool vintage car, picks up various other comedians and takes them out for coffee. It's like a talk show, but I feel like you really get the sense of who these people are in real life. Plus they are all really funny people! If you don't watch any other episodes, watch the one with Steve Harvey! 

Nailed It
Fun fact: My husband and I LOVE cooking competition shows! We randomly clicked on Nailed It a few weeks ago and we found it hysterical. The bakers are normal everyday people and they have to try to recreate a professional's dessert. The end results will bring tears to your eyes-it's just too funny. If you don't watch any other episode, just watch #3!

Lost In Space
I didn't even realize this was in the works until I saw it featured on Netflix's main headline. Blake told me it was a tv show way back when, but I only remembered the terrible Matt Leblanc remake in the 00's. Anyway, this is SO well done. It's exciting and visually really cool. We almost watched the whole thing in one sitting! It was a super rainy day on Sunday, and all our plans had been cancelled. You don't get that luxury often! Episode one is stellar, and you do not have to like sci-fi to enjoy this show either. 

Leave a comment below if you've been watching these shows too! What is your number one recommendation lately?

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