St. George Island - The Perfect End to 2017

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St. George Island will always hold such a special place in the hearts of my family! It is one of the closest beaches to where I grew up, so we spent many many summers there. In fact the first time I was ever behind the wheel of a car was down a side street on the Island! It's so fun to continue the tradition with our spouses and my nephew (soon to be nephews!). 

My parents rented us a water front house a few doors down from the house my uncle has rented for the month! We had both warm and cold days, which made things interesting! 

A few trip highlights:

Visiting Bowery Station, and hearing some great local music! 
Carter was probably the first 3 year old to step foot in the establishment, but it was 2 in the afternoon, sooo it's all good. 

Spending time with family!
This probably goes without saying, but it's so nice to be together. Blake and my brother in law drove over together, so it was actually funny to be in the house with our original party of 5 for a little while without them. Things go back to the way they were really quickly! Plus, we got to visit with my aunt and uncles who we rarely get to be with. 

Going for a few runs!
It's kinda hard to exercise on vacation, but I do love that you can run anywhere. SGI has a great bike path and one of the days we did a 4 mile walk/run with the group. I haven't run in months, so it felt really good to warm those muscles up again. Plus staying on the 3rd floor meant lots of steps throughout the week! I mean we ate a lot, but at least we weren't sedentary.

Playing Balderdash!
This game has been around forever, but we were reintroduced to it at a game night a week or two ago and had so much fun playing. I picked up a copy of my own at Target to bring to the beach, and it was worth every penny. So many laughs! Plus, the box got a really cool make over sometime in the last few years-it def doesn't look like the one we had growing up. 

Discovering Up The Creek Raw Bar!
My family loves seafood, as you can see in these pictures. We have new favorite restaurant in Apalachicola called Up The Creek. Oh my goodness, it's great! While most of the group ordered oysters and peel and eat shrimp, I ordered what may have been the best meal of my life! They have a tuna poke bowl, which was ah-mazing. I may have ordered twice on this trip...

I've been having some sort of allergy since October. I've been avoiding dairy since then, because I was pretty sure that was the culprit. On Wednesday before we left I got the results from my food allergy test, and I am indeed not allergic to dairy! While that is good news, I'm still not exactly sure what's the problem. Being itchy all the time is terrible, but I am happy to be ruling things out. I was so thrilled to be able to eat normally again on this trip! Cheese on my scrambled eggs never tasted so good!

PRO TIP: I invited everyone to a shared Google Photos album, and everyone uploaded their pictures from the trip! It's great because we all got copies of the group shots-and they are easy to download. I will continue to sing the praises of Google Photos. It's awesome. 

Leave a comment below if you have lots of memories in a particular place! Have you ever been to the beach in the winter? It's a very different experience isn't it? Do you and your siblings go right back to the way it was when you were growing up?
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